Warning to Deep State Dems and Elites – Good Americans Will Not Allow Their Innocent President to Be Impeached by Corrupt Politicians!!! | Joe Hoft


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Warning to Deep State Dems and Elites – Good Americans Will Not Allow Their Innocent President to Be Impeached by Corrupt Politicians!!!

Americans are beyond angry with the actions the Democrats, elites, the Deep State and their media. President Donald Trump is a great man and the greatest President of this generation. His list of accomplishments is unending and proves it –

*The highest stock markets ever – up nearly 50% since his election win
*The most stock market all time daily highs in a year (71)
*The most stock market all time daily highs in a row (12) – tying Reagan
*The largest stock market rally in a day – over 1,000 points
*The lowest overall unemployment in 50 years currently at 3.5%
*The lowest unemployment ever for women, Hispanics and blacks
*The most Americans working in history
*More job openings that employees
*Massive wage increases, especially in the lowest income workers
*Medium level income at highest levels ever recorded
*Over 6 million new jobs since 2017 (good paying jobs too)
*American energy independence for first time in decades
*American energy exporter first time in decades
*Out of Obamacare mandate which forced Americans to pay tax penalty for not affording insurance
*Millions of Americans off of food stamps
*Strongest military ever
*Started Space Force – preparing America for space age defense
*Destroyed evil ISIS in Syria/Iraq after Obama said they would be there for a generation
*Got US out of horrible Obama trade deal with China and Asian countries giving away US jobs
*Drafted new trade deal with Canada and Mexico (USMCA) which will save US jobs
*Drafted new trade deal with Japan
*Drafted new trade deal with Korea
*Standing up to China in trade and intellectual property theft
*Signed lowest corporate tax rates in decades helping US companies and workers
*First President to step inside North Korea
*First President to meet with North Korea leader in effort to achieve peace
*Standing up for America in NATO requesting EU countries to pay fair share
*Record number of regulations eliminated
*Two new Supreme Court judges
*More than 100 new District judges
*Withdrew from horrible Paris accords
*Withdrew from horrible Iran deal

The WhiteHouse.gov lists many,many more.

In addition to all of this, the President was forced to deal with following the most corrupt administration in US history. As a result of the Obama Administration –

*The FBI is no longer trusted let alone respected due to its leaders actions related to Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, and others in passing on Hillary crimes while attacking candidate and President Trump
*Corrupt Obama judges like Amy Berman Jackson who put 70 year old Paul Manafort in solitary are still in place
*The DOJ is full of corrupt lawyers who were involved in Obama Administration coverups and illegal and sinister Deep State actions to spy on candidate and President Trump in efforts to prevent him from winning the election and then attempting to remove him from his Presidency
*The media is corrupt. Mainstream outlets like the New York Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc, etc… are all in the tank with Obama Democrats. They praised him like a god during his realm and now follow his lead in slandering President Trump and ignoring his many accomplishments
*NeverTrumpers and other elites on the right side of the isle (e.g. Mitt Romney, etc..) have shown their real colors and lack of integrity due to their hate for President Trump. They would have preferred Hillary.
*Numerous acts of bribery and extortion were present in Obama’s world and this bled down to into the government as a whole. It appeared that all of DC was corrupt.

Ultimately, President Trump’s greatest accomplishment is that he beat Corrupt Hillary in the 2016 election. He arguably is the only one who could have beaten her. The Clinton’s had a machine and no one dared stand up to her but candidate Trump. He pointed out her many corrupt acts and won the greatest election of our lifetime.

The corrupt actors from the DNC, Deep State and media are not happy with President Trump. They have done all they can to remove him. Candidate Trump overcame their illegal acts during the election and then the corrupt Mueller investigation, where the President was investigated for no crime for more than three years when you include time before the election.

The Mueller investigation was not an investigation but an obstruction trap. They did everything they could to get the President to do something they could claim was obstruction but he did not fold. They brought his son in for hours of testimony, his daughter and her husband, they set up his son in Trump Tower, they invaded his personal attorney’s office, storage locker and home. They stole documents from his transition team. They set up and arrested his NSA General Mike Flynn who still is involved in the courts today. Everyone he knew or touched was investigated, against the law using the Special Counsel Act, but President Trump stood firm.

The President was berated by the far left media every day. They called him a traitor and fraudulent President. They claimed he worked with Russians to win the election which never made sense because he was later attacked with dirt supposedly coming from Russia.

President Trump thrived in all of this like no President since Lincoln during the Civil War. Lincoln survived the war started by Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves only to be assassinated a couple weeks after the Civil War’s end. The Democrats still want Americans to be slaves! This is why America voted for Trump!

Now the Deep State want to remove President Trump from office in another bogus attempt to manipulate the law to their liking. This is not how the law is supposed to be used in this country. Obama destroyed the proper use of the law.

Democrats, their media and their Deep State want to rake the President through more shame and lies and then impeach him based on lies and no crimes. They do this to prevent their crimes during the Obama years from being outed and them held accountable. They have to make something up. Their lies rank them with communist regimes and banana republics.

Impeachments are to be used in rare circumstances. Again, there is no crime. The Democrats won’t vote on an impeachment exercise so the President can fight back in the courts. They don’t want Americans to see that this is one sided which a vote would show. They want to act quickly and vote on impeachment so they can use this against President Trump and punish him and those who voted for him!


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