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WARNING: British MI6 Openly Concerned with Trump Re-election Bid

Richard Dearlove

The British never really gave up on the US.  This was their country.  How dare Americans claim their independence!  So the British keep the US in line.  

In a recent five part series of articles on the British and their involvement in US affairs, it is clear that the British will do whatever they want to, to run this country, assassinations included.

The British were involved in Lincoln’s assassination.

THE BRITISH PART III: The British Kill Abraham Lincoln

The British were involved in McKinley’s assassination.

THE BRITISH PART IV: The British Kill William McKinley

The British were involved in JFK’s assassination.

The British Part V: The British Kill John F. Kennedy

And the British were all over the Russia-collusion lie.  

Now these same individuals who were involved in the Russia-collusion coup of President Trump are warning about a Trump re-election.

The former head of the UK’s secret intelligence service has warned the return of Donald Trump to the White House could pose a “political threat” to Britain.

Speaking to Sky News’ Sunday Morning with Trevor Philips, Sir Richard Dearlove said the re-election of the former US president would be “problematic” for the UK’s national security due to his issues with NATO.

Mr Trump has been a long-standing critic of the alliance – made up of 29 European and two North American states – claiming other members have not paid their way, and even threatening to pull out of the longstanding partnership.

But in the years since he left office, NATO has become increasingly important on the world stage amid the war in Ukraine, and with the current president, Joe Biden, giving it his backing.

Asked what big threats the UK should be paying attention to in the coming year, Sir Richard – who ran MI6 between 1999 and 2004 – first pointed to Ukraine, then the “long-term behaviour” of China.

But, he added: “You have to add a political threat, which I am worried about, which is Trump’s re-election… which I think for the UK’s national security is problematic.

“Because if Trump, as it were, acts hastily and damages the Atlantic alliance, that is a big deal for the UK.

“We’ve put all our eggs in defence terms in the NATO basket. If Trump really is serious about, as it were, changing the balance, I mean the American nuclear umbrella for Europe is, in my view, essential to Europe’s security and defence.”

What a snake this guy is.  Attempt a coup and claim the guy he targeted is a threat to UK. 

3 thoughts on “WARNING: British MI6 Openly Concerned with Trump Re-election Bid”

  1. Well, where do I start? I am English, a supporter of DJT, I believe that if Biden (sorry, Obama) pulls off another fraud, then America is doomed and a Civil War of sorts will occur. I do not believe that Russia is the enemy. The enemy in Europe is Islam – strongly supported by the establishments of all Euro countries (except Hungary and, for the moment, Poland). I do not support my government’s position on many things, and the idea of America being less than our (mostly) cousins across the pond is ridiculous. For God’s sake, vote DJT, drain the swamp, and get America back to what it was.
    ps When he has finished the job, PLEASE come here and do likewise – because there is no-one here with the balls to do it.

  2. My brother said I might enjoy this website, and he was 100% correct. This post brightened my day; you have no idea how much time I spent searching for this information.


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