War in the Middle East Begins – What Is the Possibility This Is Start to WWIII? | Joe Hoft


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War in the Middle East Begins – What Is the Possibility This Is Start to WWIII?

The war in the Middle East begins and globalists and war-mongers are happy.

The War in the Middle East begins.

On Saturday, Hamas assaulted Israel from the air and on the ground.  The results were horrific.  Nearly 2,000 people are dead.

One report says that people were executed in their beds and others lost their heads.

Israel says that it will destroy the terrorist once and for all.

During a Press Conference by the newly formed Emergency Government of Israel the Current-Minister of Defence, Yoav Gallant said, “We will wipe Hamas off the Face of the Earth;” while the Former-Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz said, “Hamas is an Enemy that needs to be Exterminated by all means.”

It was reported this morning that Israel was being attacked from its Northern border as well, but this proved false.

However, only two hours ago it was reported that missiles were fired from Gaza towards Israel that were shut down by Israel’s defense.

Hamas earlier today reportedly launched rockets that destroyed a hospital and a grocery store.

Hamas launched a fresh wave of rocket attacks in Israel this afternoon, destroying a children’s hospital and a supermarket.

Shocking footage from the southern city of Ashkelon shows the Barzilai Medical Centre in ruins with the children’s wing taking a direct hit.

Pictures also show the remains of a supermarket in the city, surrounded by debris and marked by a large crater.

Israel hit portions of Gaza as well with pictures of massive destruction there too.

The war is on.  What is the chance that this turns into WWIII?


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