Vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker Today (Friday) at 10:00am | Joe Hoft


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Vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker Today (Friday) at 10:00am

Despite backstabbers and enemies of the people in the GOP trying to prevent the government from representing Americans, there will be another vote for Jim Jordan today. 

Jordan spoke yesterday briefly.  The election for Speaker isn’t over.

Behind the scenes, RINOs and skunks have worked to derail the Jordan campaign.

Many of those on the list opposing Jordan are the same individuals who received money from FTX (the top Dem donor under federal investigation) and also from voter mules.   This was reported yesterday here.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Steve Scalise and 13 RINO Holdouts Derailing Jim Jordan Are Connected to FTX and Voter Mule Donations

You won’t want to miss this.

Jordan will give a speech today and there will be a vote at 10:00am. 

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