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Venezuela Opens Crimes Against Humanity Investigation Into… President Trump

Venezuela’s communist dictator Maduro has opened a “crimes against humanity” investigation into the actions of President Trump. 

The Biden team and the GOP hopefuls have remained silent so far on this which shows their true colors.  By remaining silent they show that they are only about power even if it means aligning with one of the most horrific dictators in the world today.

Breitbart reports that the communist regime in Venezuela is opening an investigation into crimes against humanity related to the actions of President Trump.  Maduro is mad that President Trump set up sanctions against his cruel regime and now wants to punish him.

A commission of socialist lawmakers belonging to the socialist regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro announced on Thursday they have opened a criminal case against former American President Donald Trump on charges of “crimes against humanity.”

The investigation will allegedly determine if Trump himself incurred “criminal responsibility” by imposing sanctions on Maduro during his tenure, a move intended to punish the regime for its litany of human rights atrocities against Venezuelans.

The commission, led by socialist lawmaker Pedro Infante of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), is accusing Trump of having committed “crimes against humanity” by imposing sanctions. The charges specifically address sanctions Trump imposed on Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the state oil company.

Maduro and his gang didn’t like President Trump.  They especially didn’t like it when Trump issued rewards for the goons that lead that country.

US Offers Reward for Top Officials of Socialist Maduro Regime in Venezuela — Trump Admin May Drive the End of the Evil Regime

Maduro didn’t want Trump reelected and was so happy when Biden won.  The Biden regime quickly stopped drilling for oil in the US and began buying oil from countries like Venezuela led by communists.

Biden’s America: From Trump Energy Independence to Record High Gas Prices to Buying Oil from Iran and Venezuela

This is why Maduro is “investigating” President Trump.  This is what communists do. This is why Biden and Obama are with Maduro. 

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