UTTER CORRUPTION: Biden Gang Replaces National Archivist to Oversee Senate, VP and Presidential Records | Joe Hoft


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UTTER CORRUPTION: Biden Gang Replaces National Archivist to Oversee Senate, VP and Presidential Records

Colleen Shogan

The amount of corruption coming from the Biden gang is monumental.  It only increases. 

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Yesterday, Jill Biden attended the swearing in of the next national archivist.  This person will oversee government records including Senate, VP and Presidential records.

Legacy far-left media giant ABC News reported:

First Lady Jill Biden saluted Colleen Shogan, the first woman to be sworn in as national archivist, saying on Monday that democracy’s power is “made real with access to history, unfiltered and uncensored.”

Shogan, a former government and politics professor at George Mason University, heads the National Archives and Records Administration, which maintains billions of documents — including the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, Harriet Tubman’s Civil War pension claims and Thomas Edison’s patent for the lightbulb.

During a formal swearing-in ceremony, Biden noted that the nation’s historic documents were once held by George Washington and later by the State Department, before being entrusted to the National Archives, founded by Congress in 1934.

“The history of a democracy belongs to its people, and we must preserve it with care for future generations,” the first lady said. “As far back as the Constitutional Convention, our leaders recognized the power of our founding documents and the importance of keeping them safe and accessible.”

President Joe Biden has made preserving democracy a centerpiece of his reelection campaign, pledging to thwart former President Donald Trump ‘s Make American Great Again movement which he says are attempting to undermine it.

The National Archives, meanwhile, has been thrust into the national political spotlight in unusual ways lately.

Just days after the president nominated Shogan to be archivist of the United States in August 2022, the FBI raided Trump’s home and seized thousands of pages of documents amid investigations into whether he took classified records from the White House.

“This experiment in democracy hinged on the people, and their ability to claim their rights and hold their elected officials accountable,” Jill Biden said Monday. “That power could only be made real with access to history, unfiltered and uncensored.”

Joe Biden has been in possession of an unknown number of classified documents from his time as a Senator and a VP which were unlawful for him to possess.  ABC conveniently omits this from their report.

On the other hand, due to reports from the NARA to the corrupt DOJ, the Biden Administration raided President Trump’s home and stole documents that were legally his per the Presidential Records Act.

The Bidens are covering up for their many crimes.  They should be impeached and imprisoned for their actions with the illegal possession of documents alone. 

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