US Small Cap Stocks are Thriving in Trump Economy – Russell 2000 Set 23 New All-Time Highs in First Half of 2018 Alone

Just because the MSM won’t report it doesn’t mean it’s not happening! The Russell 2000 comprised of 2000 small cap stocks, has reached 23 new all time highs in 2018 alone!

The Russell 2000 is a major index of US small cap stocks recognized throughout the financial industry. The 2000 companies are the bottom 2000 companies in the Russell 3000. These companies have incurred incredible overall results in the Trump economy.

The Russell 2000 went over another all-time high yesterday before closing below the previous all-time high. However, in the first half of 2018 alone the Russell 2000 has recorded 23 new all-time highs.

Just because the MSM will not report it doesn’t mean it’s not true. The Trump economy is on fire and benefiting all companies and workers in the US. #MAGA

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