US Senate Releases Report on Origins of COVID – Continues to Give China a Break on One Key Point | Joe Hoft


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US Senate Releases Report on Origins of COVID – Continues to Give China a Break on One Key Point

A report from the GOP US Senators states that the origin of COVID was in Wuhan, China but the Senate gives China a break. 

ABC shared:

A new report from Senate Republicans doubles down on the theory that COVID-19 emerged from an accidental lab leak in Wuhan — and possibly, even more than one leak.

While their investigation concedes that “both hypotheses are plausible,” the nearly 300-page document released by the minority on the Senate health subcommittee makes a circumstantial case that the “preponderance of circumstantial evidence” points to “an unintentional research-related incident” — an undetected aerosol leak — likely at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), as the first spark which would ultimately ignite the pandemic.

The WIV has long been known for not just its extensive research on bat coronaviruses, but also poor biosafety conditions while dealing with risky contagion samples which need proper containment, investigators wrote.

The document says an initial leak may have occurred “sometime before September 2019” and began circulating in Wuhan. Then, once WIV and Chinese government authorities realized what had happened, officials scrambled to quickly and quietly develop a vaccine that could be deployed to contain the outbreak — all before the world could learn the truth, according to the authors.

That rush to develop a vaccine may have led to a second accidental lab leak — one which, in turn, would lead to the global pandemic, the investigators believe.

When the Senate says that this release of COVID was an accident they give China a huge break.  This is a key point. 

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall who is also a physician discussed the report on FOX News yesterday:

After more than two years of research, Sen. Marshall revealed on “Mornings with Maria” Tuesday that a “preponderance of evidence” points to two lab leaks in China as the cause of the global pandemic.

“This is big. It is a bombshell that the preponderance of evidence shows that there were two lab leaks,” Sen. Marshall said. “If we had a scale in front of us and we put all the evidence on one side that supports a natural spillover, the other for the lab origin of this, I think that 95% of that evidence is on the lab origin.”

Here is the document:

Mwg Fdr Document 04-11-23 Embargoed (1) by Jim Hoft on Scribd

This report was discussed with Natalie Winters on the War Room.  Ms. Winters made an observation at the end of her interview where she challenged the report’s assertion that this was an accident.  We may never know the answer to this but China had a reason to drop COVID because they were getting crushed economically by President Trump’s actions with trade and assistance on a trade agreement.

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