US Military Attacks Pro-Life Organizations and Classifies Them as Terrorists | Joe Hoft


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US Military Attacks Pro-Life Organizations and Classifies Them as Terrorists

US Military attacks Pro-Life organizations and classifies them as terrorists.

This is the Biden/Obama insanity being pushed by the corrupted US military.

A tweet was shared showing a US military presentation on terrorism.  It was reported that:

An anti-terrorism brief was held on Fort Liberty (Bragg) today where they listed several Pro-Life organizations as “terrorist organizations.”

The slide you see here followed right after a slide about ISIS, a terror group in the Middle East.

The organizations labeled by the army as terror organizations include National Right to Life and Operation Rescue.

They also included a screenshot of a license plate with “IM4IT,” which is a plate many Pro-Life citizens put on their car which implies normal citizens are terrorists if they display this plate.

The slide goes on to mention activities which these organizations participate in which include being Pro-Life, opposing Row v Wade, demonstrating and protesting (a 1st Amendment protected right), “Truth Displays,” and picketing.

They also falsely attribute the bombing of abortion clinics to National Right to Life.

Keep in mind they’re not labeling them as extremist organizations (which would still be crazy), but as terrorist organizations.

The military and Dept of Defense are insanely out of control. Service-members are being indoctrinated to view Pro-Life groups as the enemy.

Note that the military cannot even spell “Roe vs. Wade” correctly.  These people are as stupid as they are dangerous.

Mike Benz responded with the following:

When you read this, it’s useful to keep in mind Fort Bragg is also home to the largest concentration of psychological warfare operations outfits in all of America.

Also, Fort Bragg appears to have played a very strange role in the events of January 6.

See the tweets below:

The Biden/Obama gang is against Americans and for the destruction of this country.  This must stop.

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