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US Intel Is Dangerously Corrupted

Shortly after the COVID crime was exposed to the world, the whole world wanted to know the origins of the pandemic.  We now know that CIA analysts were paid to reverse their assessment. 

After the COVID pandemic was released to the world in late 2019, the origin of its release were discussed.  It was important to know where it came from for many reasons.

The world wanted to know its origin so that it could be prevented from happening again and to determine the best way to fight it.

(In October 2019 I was in Hong Kong and suddenly was very ill.  I had a cough and my lungs crackled at night.  I finally went to the doctor and within hours found myself in the hospital with pneumonia.  At that time I also commented that everything tasted like cardboard.  The hospital in Hong Kong at that time had no idea what COVID was.  I was treated for pneumonia and released five days later.  I had to have been one of the first cases of COVID found in an American after it was released.   We later learned that it had been released in the fall of 2019.)

In early 2020, I reported at The Gateway Pundit that the origins of COVID were at a lab in Wuhan.  This analysis of COVID’s origin proved accurate.

IT’S OFFICIAL: TGP Performed Better Analysis and Reporting than Biden’s Entire Intel Community Regarding COVID’s Origin

The world continues to give China a break related to the release.  The idea that COVID was released intentionally to destroy the US and world economy and hurt President Trump was taken off the table.  (I believe it is likely that China intentionally released COVID.)

US Senate Releases Report on Origins of COVID – Continues to Give China a Break on One Key Point

This past week we learned that the US Intel community involving the FBI, DOE and CIA all believed the COVID lab leak theory but CIA analysts were paid to reverse their assessment.

The US since Obama is a wholly corrupted monster. 

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