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Update on Recent Efforts to Clean Up Wisconsin Elections


(above “F-curve” shows the tens of thousands of Biden only votes inserted into the 2020 Wisconsin election results early in the morning on the day after the election)

Citizens in Wisconsin are working very hard to get their state’s election processes cleaned up for 2020.  Here is a summary of their more recent work. 

Here is an update from Wisconsin regarding the recent election integrity work being done their to clean up their elections and stop the attacks to destroy fair and transparent elections in the state. 

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Legislative Maps Process

After being told for two weeks by the mainstream media and press that the myriad of “new” Legislative Maps submitted to the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court on January 12th, would absolutely not swing the control of the Assembly (64-35) and Senate (22-11) from Republicans to democrats, more and more evidence is demonstrating just the opposite.

In an extremely well written and very detailed analysis of the submitted maps, all of the submitted maps from democrats would flip the control of both Legislative Houses to the democrats and the only maps that would maintain any sense of Republican control of both Houses, were submitted by the Legislature and W.I.L.L. (click hereEXCLUSIVE: Democrats Seize Control Of Wisconsin Legislature Under Most Maps, Despite Media Narrative (wisconsinrightnow.com)).

The Legislative Maps issue, created by the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court, is well documented as far as timing of filed lawsuit, who filed the lawsuit, why the lawsuit was filed, the normal process of these types of lawsuits and that the Legislative Maps were just settled by the Wisconsin and United States Supreme Courts in March/April of 2022, when the Legislative Maps of the Governor’s Office were ruled illegal (click hereUS Supreme Court upholds Wisconsin’s congressional redistricting, rejects legislative maps (pbswisconsin.org)).  The Wisconsin Supreme Court then approved the Legislature’s Legislative Maps, which they are constitutionally authorized to do, and which are the maps that were used for the 2022 Election Cycle (click hereWisconsin Legislature: 000004).

Now this, a deeper analysis of the Governor’s Office Legislative Maps shows the deliberate and intentional act of “gerrymandering” by democrats, that which the Republicans have been accused of by democrats for years, being implemented to pit Republican incumbents in the Assembly and Senate in the same district to eliminate the Republican Majority in both Houses.

This blatant “gerrymandering” is so egregious in some cases by the Governor’s Office, that it appears that the map masters may have pulled out a tape measure to make sure Republicans were pitted against a fellow Republican within a few feet to make sure a democrat likely wins the new district (click hereWisconsin Republican leader slams Democrats’ proposed election maps | AP News).

The Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Legislative Map process now shows 23 out of 64 Republican State Representatives being pitted against a current incumbent legislator (See attached Evers Pits Republicans vs. Republicans – Assembly).

The Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Legislative Map process now shows 10 out of 22 Republican Senators being pitted against a current incumbent legislator (See attached Evers Pits Republicans vs. Republicans – Senate).

The maps are to be reviewed by 2 liberal professors from the east and west coast hired by the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court for justification purposes from all parties.

The Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court appears to have also appointed itself to legislate their own maps if they don’t accept those that have already been submitted and or negotiated with the professors.

The rushed ultimate deadline from the Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court to have the “new” Legislative Maps in place for the 2024 Election Cycle is March 15th.

Action Plan…

Please consider to immediately contact your State Representative and State Senator to encourage them to do whatever it takes to block this apparent blatant attempt by democrats to violate Wisconsin’s Constitution and state statutes even if it means appealing this matter to the United States Supreme Court.

How to contact your State Representative – 2023 Wisconsin State Representatives.

How to contact your State Senator – 2023 Wisconsin State Senators.

Republicans Lead the Way to Permanently Block Ranked Choice Voting in Wisconsin with ARJ101

After weeks of consideration, giving electors a voice at Public Hearings and addressing, instead of ignoring, Ranked Choice Voting for what it appears to be, Chairman Krug (R-Nekoosa), Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections, has scheduled a Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 30th, 10:00 A.M., 300 Northeast, State Capitol, to accept public testimony on AJR101 (click here – Wisconsin Legislature: AJR101: Joint Resolution Text).

AJR101 is a constitutional amendment that will permanently ban Ranked Choice Voting in Wisconsin.

Approved constitutional amendments cannot be vetoed by the Governor’s Office.

Constitutional amendments need to be passed in two consecutive Sessions in Wisconsin in order to be approved.

The Assembly will presumably approve AJR101 during the February or March 2024 Floor Sessions after it is approved in Committee.

If approved in two consecutive Sessions, the constitutional amendment to permanently ban Ranked Choice Voting will be placed on a statewide ballot as early as April of 2025 during the State Supreme Court Race.

Action Plan…

Please contact your State Representative to encourage them to contact their colleagues on the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to vote “yes” on AJR101 (click here2023 Wisconsin State Representatives).

Please contact the Members of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections to vote “yes” on AJR101 (click here2023 Committee on Campaigns and Elections (wisconsin.gov)).

Please plan on attending the Hearing on Tuesday, January 30th, 10:00 A.M., Room 300 Northeast, State Capitol, to testify, to say “thanks” or just to be in attendance showing support if you want to ban Ranked Choice Voting in Wisconsin.  See you there!

Election Integrity Victory in Green Bay

Before a packed courtroom of election integrity supporters, Brown County Circuit Court Judge Amy Jo Hock summarily dismissed all charges of disorderly conduct against election integrity warrior Attorney Janet Angus on Friday, January 26th, calling the accusations against Attorney Angus as “retaliatory”, “persecutory” and “ludicrous” from City of Green Bay officials.

The dismissed charges were the result of Attorney Angus simply challenging the way the Clerk’s Office in Green Bay was receiving absentee ballots from someone other than the elector during the Aprill 2022, election.

The Wisconsin Election Commission even agreed with Attorney Angus that the City of Green Bay was in violation of state statutes and ordered the City Clerk’s Office to follow the law in the future for the collection of absentee ballots (click here – Wisconsin Elections Commission resolves complaint about absentee ballot handling (wbay.com)).

Countless hours and costs were incurred by Attorney Angus and fellow election integrity supporters in the greater Brown County area against the unlimited resources, time and money of the government.

This will undoubtedly be a page from the democrat playbook for the 2024 Election Cycle where they will look for anything to cast anyone who dares to professionally and politely ask questions about the administration of elections with every imaginable unflattering adjective one could think of simply to discredit and destroy them for asking questions.

Please don’t be intimidated by the tactics of the democrats to shut us out of the process to make sure elections are legally and ethically administered in Wisconsin.

There is literally no coverage of this major development that demobilizes government intimidation with the exception of this “X” posting (click here – Matt Batzel on X: “Big Win for Election Integrity in Green Bay, Wisconsin! Judge gives directed verdict for election observer who challenged a voter illegally bringing in multiple absentee ballots. City of Green Bay tried to retaliate against Attorney Angus and brought a disorderly conduct charge https://t.co/UiD3QSyGvk” / X (twitter.com)).

Thank you, Attorney Angus!

Zuckerberg 2.0

As predicted, the democrats never take “no” for an answer and apparently will always figure out a way to work around the law, state statutes and or court orders to get their way when they can’t win at the ballot box or legislatively.

It is well documented how Mark Zuckerberg’s non-profit organization CTCL, parachuted into Wisconsin in 2019-20 just in time for the 2020 Presidential Election and had direct involvement in the administration of elections that greatly benefited democrats in democrat strongholds (click here – How Mark Zuckerberg’s Money Helped Benefit Democrats In Wisconsin (thefederalist.com)).

After the July 2022 Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling to permanently ban Zuckerberg’s illegal absentee ballot drop boxes that received hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots causing the results of the 2020 Presidential Election results to be “illegitimate”, the democrats apparently immediately started strategizing how they could complete a work-around for the 2024 Election Cycle.

In addition to filing yet another lawsuit just before the Wisconsin Supreme Court flipped to liberal control on August 1, 2023, to reinstate the illegal Zuckerberg absentee ballot drop boxes (click hereNational Democrats file absentee ballot lawsuit in Wisconsin ahead of state Supreme Court flip | AP News), the CTCL Zuckerberg Organization has now doubled down with an additional $700 million in new funding to “assist” communities with the BRIC/FEMA Program (click here – Group Behind ‘Zuckbucks’ Is Now Meddling In The 2024 Election (thefederalist.com)).

What appears to be yet another open secret to work around state election laws, CTCL had a webinar on January 25th for thousands of communities across America to educate them on how to receive even more “private grants” through FEMA with the BRIC Program.

The BRIC Program is for Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities.

Even though Wisconsin electors will have a chance in April 2024 to permanently ban Zuckerberg from ever using his Staff, funds and resources from ever administering local elections again in Wisconsin as part of a constitutional amendment vote, this appears to be another desperate attempt to secure Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes in 2024 through “private grants” if implemented.

Action Plan…

Please contact the following public officials to immediately find out if they are involved with or are aware of any attempts to secure funding through the BRIC/FEMA Program including CTCL’s $700 million private grant assistance:

Maybe there is nothing there, there.

This is what was sold to Wisconsin in 2020 under the “covid safety assistance program” to assist communities strapped for funds to address the “pandemic”.

We must at least find out if communities in Wisconsin are again being approached by CTCL to accept “private grants” under the BRIC/FEMA Program.

The Towns of Brown County Sequel

At the request of some Brown County election integrity supporters, an initial meeting was held in late November at the Town of Glenmore Town Hall to get an update on all things election integrity and to look at the possibility of transitioning from the use of electronic voting machines and tabulators to paper ballots and hand count under State Statute 5.40 (click hereWisconsin Legislature: 5.40).

Due to the interest generated from that November meeting, another meeting in Brown County is being held on Wednesday, January 31st, at the Green Bay Distillery as follows:

  • When – Wednesday, January 31st, 6:30 P.M.-9:00 P.M.
  • Where – Green Bay Distillery, 835 Mike McCarthy Way, Green Bay
  • Who – Public is invited.
  • What – All things election integrity, including whether or not Towns are mandated to use voting machines.
  • Why – Affirming the administration of elections.
  • How – Please attend and or contact Ron with questions and or to confirm attendance at 920-217-5724.

The majority of Brown County communities are not required to use electronic voting machines and tabulators (i.e. cities, villages, towns).

Many groups and individuals are promoting the event on January 31st.

We hope to see you there!

Special thanks to Jefferson Davis for his timely and transparent updates. 

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