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Update on Hunter Biden and Cocaine Found in the White House

Cocaine was found in the White House and Hunter happened to be there at the same time.  Hmmm….

Over the weekend, cocaine was discovered in the Biden White House.  This obviously led people to insinuate that it must have been Hunter Biden’s since he has a well-known addition to sex, drugs and money from overseas.

The first reports of Hunter’s cocaine addiction were reported at The Gateway Pundit before the 2020 Election.

BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

Later in 2022 video of Hunter trafficking cocaine were released but this didn’t concern the Feds at all.

Video of Naked Hunter Biden Trafficking Crack Cocaine Released this Weekend – Where Are the Feds?

The New York Post confirmed that the substance found this past weekend at the White House was cocaine.

The “white, powdery substance” discovered in the White House West Wing over the weekend was confirmed to be cocaine Wednesday after additional testing.

A Secret Service spokesperson confirmed the second positive test in an email to The Post, but had no further statement.

The drug was found Sunday night in a dime-size bag inside a cubby used by staff and guests, according to a source familiar with the investigation. The discovery forced a brief evacuation of the White House.

An initial dispatch call stated that the substance was found in the library on the ground floor of the executive mansion, but officials familiar with the incident later told The Post it was located in the West Wing holding area.

The cubby is used by employees and visitors to store phones and personal items that are not taken into other parts of the West Wing, an official close to the matter told The Post on Wednesday.

President Biden was at Camp David at the time of the incident, as was his son Hunter, who has admitted to a past crack cocaine addiction. The first son was part of the family party that later returned to Washington from the presidential retreat for July 4 festivities.

Authorities were trying to determine how the substance got into the White House after a Secret Service agent found it during a routine sweep.

The agency told The Post that it “does not comment on an active investigation,” with rep Anthony Guglielmi later saying that additional tests will be conducted on the substance.

Hunter was spotted at the White House after the substance was found.

Hunter Biden Spotted at White House Again After Cocaine Found in West Wing (VIDEO)

Newsweek and other far-left publications came quickly to Hunter’s rescue:

However, there is no evidence to suggest the substance discovered on Sunday had anything to do with the younger Biden.

A source familiar with the investigation told Newsweek that the substance was discovered inside “a work area” of the West Wing. The West Wing is attached to the executive mansion where the president lives, and houses the Oval Office, the Cabinet room and press area, as well as offices and work spaces for staff.

The Associated Press, citing two law enforcement officials, on Tuesday reported that it was found “in an area accessible to tour groups, not in any particular West Wing office.” CBS News, citing a senior law enforcement official, reported that the substance was found in a storage facility in a cubby routinely used by White House staff and guests to store cell phones.

Reports that the substance was found in an area where many people work or come through regularly has led some to criticize those speculating that Hunter Biden was its source.

“I hope Hunter sues the hell out of everyone suggesting this,” Chris D. Jackson, a Tennessee election commissioner, wrote on Twitter in response to a tweet from New York Post journalist Miranda Devine commenting on Hunter Biden and the purported cocaine find.

Hunter claims that he is in recovery from drug addiction but his current wife was recently spotted leaving a marijuana shop.

Hunter Claims to Be in Recovery But His Wife Just Made a Stop at Local Cannabis Shop?

So is Hunter really in recovery or did he leave some cocaine in the White House?   Here is a timeline from Rob Schmitt at Newsmax.

MUST SEE VIDEO! Hunter Biden Was at the White House on Friday – Hours Before Cocaine Was Discovered on WH Grounds – Rob Schmitt WINS THE INTERNET with Epic Monologue!


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