UN Ramping Up Initiatives to Push More Illegals Into the US | Joe Hoft


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UN Ramping Up Initiatives to Push More Illegals Into the US

The UN is ramping up initiatives to push more illegals into the US.

Alex Jones was on with Steve Bannon yesterday to discuss the initiatives to push illegals into the US that are being led by the UN and Globalist-led NGOs.

Bannon warns that hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Haitians will be invading Southern Florida soon thanks to Biden’s open border policies.

Alex Jones responded,

We already have a flood of Haitians and others out of the Caribbean and into Central America after three years of lockdowns that the UN, World Bank and IMF forced on them.  That’s the angrier world that Klaus Schwab has been talking about.

The Middle East is collapsing, Africa is collapsing, many areas of Asia are in trouble. Latin America has huge issues.  This is all part of the UN exacerbating these crisis and then bussing in, flying in and also using boats and then they get the new Congressional Districts for themselves and they then populate areas that are already Democrat.

This is they’re admitted battleplan.

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