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UK Interfering in US Again, Working on Another Trump Dossier

It was never Russia – it was the UK. 

In 2016, the Clinton/Obama/Biden gang created a narrative about candidate and then President Trump being a Russian pawn.  This story was told by the corrupt media minute by minute for years.  It was a lie. 

The storyline went that Russia had interfered in US elections to the benefit of President Trump.  This was a lie.  By 2018 I reported that the evidence did show that a foreign entity was interfering in US policies but it wasn’t Russia, it was the UK.

SHOCK REPORT=> MORE EVIDENCE Proves Foreign Meddling in 2016 Election Was From UK… NOT Russia

It turns out that the UK has been meddling in US policy since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  In fact, the UK was involved in foreign policy and the assassinations of US Presidents.  When the UK found it necessary, it ended the second terms of American Presidents through assassinations.  To support this I shared a five-part series on this subject.

The British Part V: The British Kill John F. Kennedy

It looks like the British are at it again.  Reports are coming out that the UK is working on another dossier on President Trump.

British officials are said to have learned lessons from their failure to predict the billionaire’s win in 2016 and Senior UK officials are compiling a dossier on former US President Donald Trump in anticipation of his potential victory in the 2024 election, which could cause turmoil on the global stage, inews reported on Friday.

The website claimed, citing unnamed sources, that the Foreign Office is spearheading the campaign to compile an assessment of the 45th US president’s stance on “key issues affecting the UK, such as the Ukraine crisis, the Middle East and international trade.” Britain’s ambassador to Washington, Karen Pierce, is said to be the main figure leading the effort.

According to inews, UK Conservative party officials worry that if Trump beats incumbent Joe Biden, he could “chuck a massive grenade into global geopolitics.” One unnamed official told the outlet that Trump’s reelection “absolutely makes an enormous difference” as the UK has become more dependent on America’s stance on global affairs since Brexit.

“Trump will come in, and he will choose a more aggressive line on, for example, Iran. We will be forced into more situations that we are instinctively uncomfortable about,” the source added, as quoted by inews.

The report also suggested that Britain had drawn conclusions from Trump’s win in 2016 and would not underestimate him again. “I suspect they will be saying, ‘We screwed it up last time…’ I think there will be fierce activity, contact-building, and trying to be in the room,” a source said.

Things are scary and foreign nations and the US Deep State are coming after President Trump.

It’s the British and not the Russians who are interfering in US elections and policies.  It’s time Americans recognize what America’s “partner – the UK” is not all we are told it is. 

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