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Two President Wannabes Show Why They’ll Never Be President

Chris Christie and Pocahantas Elizabeth Warren today showed why they’ll never be President.

Chris Christie has joined the race for President in 2024 and everyone asks why he would do such a thing?  All the GOP candidates are wasting their time.  They apparently believe the President Trump will be indicted by Biden’s corrupt DOJ for sedition and kicked out of the 2024 race.  Either that or someone is paying these candidates like Christie to run and do his best to damage President Trump in the process.

What Christie and the other GOP candidates don’t see is that their actions are deemed seditious by the Trump base – the largest base in US history.

Christie made fun of fellow President wannabe Ron DeSantis on CNN with Kaitlan Collins, a former FOX girl and the host of the Trump Town Hall where she was destroyed by President Trump.

Former President wannabe Elizabeth Warren made statements on Twitter about the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action.  The court ruled that colleges cannot use race as a characteristic for accepting students for studies.

Warren claimed she was an Indian to get a teaching gig at Harvard.  She used the race card.  Now she is saying that she is upset with today’s ruling.  It must be because people like her can’t make up who their ancestors are to receive preferential treatment.

This is why these two clowns will never be President.  Never. 

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