Twin Cities Celebrate Only a 33% Hike in Crime Over Last Year | Joe Hoft


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Twin Cities Celebrate Only a 33% Hike in Crime Over Last Year

The Twin Cities are celebrating a 33% hike in crime over last year.  These people are nuts.

The crime in Minneapolis/St. Paul is exploding under the radical Democrats.  This party has no desire to make America great.

America watched as Democrats pushed the lie that an innocent man was killed by police and Black Lives Matter destroyed the entire area and all of America as a result.

Now the crime is so bad that authorities are celebrating a 33% increase in crime.

The Star Tribune reports:

Crime reported aboard Metro Transit buses and trains, and at its stations and stops throughout the Twin Cities, declined 22% over the summer and into early fall, officials said Wednesday.

Officials cheered the third-quarter decline at Wednesday’s Metropolitan Council meeting, saying it shows that a safety plan adopted last year is bearing fruit even as more commuters return to work.

“We are changing the paradigm in how we do business,” said Metro Transit Police Chief Ernest Morales III, who assumed the helm of the department in March. Officers are particularly spending more time on the Blue and Green Line light-rail trains, in an effort to make passengers feel safe.

The picture seemingly changes when comparing year-to-date crime statistics, which indicate a 33% hike in crime reports when compared with the same period of 2022. But police attribute that increase to more proactive law enforcement efforts throughout the system — meaning that cops are increasingly cracking down on common offenses such as drug violations, trespassing, disorderly conduct and fraud.

“We still have a ways to go,” Morales said. “While numbers matter, perception is also important.”

Numbers are important.  Nobody is voting for this garbage. 

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