Turks Riot in Rotterdam – In 2015 Geert Wilders Told Turks – “You Are No Europeans…Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights – Are Incompatible with Islam”

Dutch riot police were on hand in Rotterdam last night as rioters carrying Turkish flags rioted in the streets.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan started the mess when he decided to plan events throughout Europe to extend his powers in Turkey’s April 16th vote by targeting millions of expatriate voters – including 1.4 million in Germany alone.  These plans were cancelled by various countries throughout Europe.

Last week, Mr Erdogan accused Berlin of “Nazi practices” after a number of his rallies were cancelled, drawing a sharp response from the German government.

Erdogan also described the Dutch government as “Nazi remnants and fascists”, after events in Rotterdam were cancelled by the Netherlands’ government.  Erdogan was hoping to harness the votes of some 400,000 Turks in Holland.  After a Turkish family member was blocked from going into Rotterdam, Turks in the city rioted. Eventually the Dutch riot police broke up the riots.

In December 2015, the Netherland’s anti-Islam leader of the Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, recorded a video directed at the people of Turkey:

Today I have a message for the Turks. Your government is fooling you into believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union. Well forget it. You are no Europeans and you will never be. An Islamic state like Turkey does not belong in Europe. All the ‘failures’ Europe stands for – freedom, democracy, human rights – are incompatible with Islam.

Wilders has stood up to Islamization of Europe for a long time.