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Tucker Carlson – George Floyd Was Not Murdered – That Is a Lie

George Floyd

Tucker Carlson reported this week that the entire “George Floyd was murdered” story was a lie.  He was not murdered.

When George Floyd died, the entire country was set on fire.  BLM and Antifa destroyed cities, businesses and lifelong dreams.  It was all a lie.

I reported at TGP at that time that Floyd had a crack pipe and baggie in his possession upon arrest.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Videos Show George Floyd Dropping a Small White Baggie Upon Arrest and OFFICERS PULLING CRACK PIPE FROM HIS POCKET

This was ignored by the corrupt media in the US.  They had a story to tell and an agenda to build that – White men are racist murderers.

Tucker Carlson points out this past week that it was all a lie.  Floyd was not murdered.

Americans were told “relentlessly” for three years that it was a fact that a racist white cop in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd.

Because that’s the way seemingly everyone in the country believes it went down “a small group of people has been allowed to make massive changes to American society,” Tucker Carlson said on his latest episode posted to X.

Those people, Carlson said, have decriminalized stealing, defunded police, added the Juneteenth federal holiday to the calendar, saw to it that white men are no longer hired in corporate America, and sent that cop, Derek Chauvin, to prison for more than 20 years.

The question, Carlson asked, is did Chauvin actually murder George Floyd.

“The answer is, well, no.”

Below is Tucker on the George Floyd lie.

A man sits in prison for a murder he never committed.  Liberals do not care. 

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