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Tucker Carlson – Democrats Have a Plan to Steal the Next Election (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson was in an interview this week where he outlines what he believes the Democrats will do to steal anther corrupt win from the American people in 2024.

Tucker Carlson believes that the Democrats will not give up power after criminalizing the innocent actions of their political enemies.  They will do anything to stay in power.

Carlson shares in the video below that he believes that the US will go to war with Russia in an effort to steal the next election.  They’ll implement the legislation to end elections in the US while at war similar to what Ukraine is doing now.

This will not end well.  The next year will be a mess.

@tuckeruncensored Carlson warned about the slippery slope of criminalizing political activity. He suggested that once politicians begin indicting their opponents (Trump), they set a precedent to which they themselves could be subjected. – – – – – #TuckerCarlson #TuckerTakes #CarlsonCommentary #TuckerTalks #CarlsonClips #TuckerTikTok #trumpsupporters #maga #USA #usa_tiktok ♬ original sound – Tucker Carlson Uncensored

2 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – Democrats Have a Plan to Steal the Next Election (VIDEO)”

  1. Seems unlikely as there is no mechanism in the Constitution to even delay elections let alone cancel them. Not that the Dems follow that old, restrictive document…


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