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Tucker Carlson Asks in His 4th Twitter Episode – “Is Biden a Wannabe Dictator?”

Tucker Carlson presented an exceptional narrative on the possibility that Joe Biden was a “Wannabe Dictator”.

Tucker let Biden and the corrupt media have it in his fourth episode on Twitter.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed his former employer after it removed the producer who allowed a chyron labeling President Joe Biden as a “wannabe dictator.”

In the fourth episode of his new Twitter show, Carlson addressed a chyron that appeared Tuesday night on Fox News following former President Donald Trump’s arraignment on classified document charges. The chyron, which read, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested,” appeared below a split screen of Biden and Trump.

“Those words were up for less than 30 seconds, but the effect was immediate. Inside Fox, the women who run the network panicked,” Carlson said, adding that the producer resigned within 24 hours.

Carlson explained Fox News issued an apology, saying that “the chyron was taken down immediately” and “addressed.”

Tucker’s full episode can be seen and heard below.  It was perfect.

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