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Tucker Carlson and Rudy Giuliani Go Off on Hunter Biden After Today’s Gift from the DOJ

Many people were very upset after today’s deal between Biden’s corrupt DOJ and his son after years of bogus investigations on Hunter who was involved in numerous crimes while his father was VP under corrupt Obama. 

The Gateway Pundit reported on Tucker’s latest Twitter share today that addressed the horrendous ruling on Hunter Biden:

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday posted episode 5 of his Twitter show after the Justice Department announced joke charges against Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges and a ‘gun charge’ after a five year investigation (mop up operation).

US Attorney from Delaware, David Weiss, a Trump appointee, led the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Rudy shared the most obvious response to today’s news on Hunter.

Much of what is said by Tucker and Rudy is true.  The TGP wrote many articles about his many crimes.

Over Past Week TGP Uncovered Hunter Biden Crimes and Corruption Related to Classified Docs, Espionage, FARA Violations, and Connections to Biolabs in Ukraine

The Biden DOJ gave Biden’s son a deal while Biden’s DOJ puts his political enemies in courts on made-up crimes.  Third world. 

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