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Trump’s Team Responds to Media’s Latest Lie Conjured Up with Biden Gang

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President Trump’s team responds to the Media and Biden’s lie about what President Trump shared yesterday in Ohio. 

This weekend is a sign of what we’ll see throughout the entire general election. The Biden campaign and its allies in the media whipped up a vicious lie about President Trump’s comments about the auto industry.

President Trump told Ohio supporters on Saturday that cheap Chinese car imports would be a bloodbath for the American car industry. He’s right. In fact, the Alliance for American Manufacturing just said last month: “The introduction of cheap Chinese autos – which are so inexpensive because they are backed with the power and funding of the Chinese government – to the American market could end up being an extinction-level event for the U.S. auto sector.”

However, the coverage of President Trump’s comments was entirely dishonest.

Politico wrote that President Trump said there will be a “bloodbath” for the country if Biden wins and wrote that “it was unclear what the former president meant exactly.” The Biden campaign pushed a similar lie in a statement that omitted President Trump’s remarks about the car industry. This culminated in Nancy Pelosi saying, “He’s going to exact a bloodbath.” This sinister lie from Nancy Pelosi is the direct result of the press working hand-in-glove with the Biden campaign to smear President Trump.

If you’re wondering why the Biden team is acting so desperate, look no further than the following Bloomberg headline: Grocery Prices Have Soared. That’s Spoiling Biden’s Economic Pitch.”

Biden knows that voters are upset and ready to elect President Donald Trump. In fact, NBC reported this morning that “Behind the scenes, Biden has grown angry and anxious about re-election effort.”

Expect more lies from Team Biden (both the campaign and the Fake News Media) in the coming months as the White House fails to convince voters to like Bidenomics.

Taylor Budowich,

CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

Bidenomics means $22 burritos

  • A restaurant in San Francisco is now charging $22 for a burrito. It’s not because this burrito is filled with caviar, but because of Bidenflation.
    • NBC: “The owner of La Vaca Birria says it’s not an attempt to make more money, but an attempt to continue to break even as prices for everything rise…. the price of nearly everything he uses to make his food has gone up.”
  • Bloomberg, meanwhile, reported that grocery prices are up 25 percent in recent years.
    • “Americans’ regular trips to the grocery store — three times a week for the average US household — are a powerful driver of economic discontent, constantly reminding consumers of the higher cost of feeding a family.”
    • “Omar Ceesay, a 44-year-old insurance claims adjuster and manager from an Atlanta suburb, said the $220 he used to lay out for groceries just a few years ago now only lasts a fraction as long. A 2020 Biden supporter who’s now undecided, he’s grown discouraged with the president over food prices and other economic challenges.”

President Trump is right — only he can stop China from causing a bloodbath for the American auto industry:

  • President Trump will enact a 100 percent tariff to stop China from flooding the U.S. car market. President Trump is the only candidate who can stop China from destroying American auto manufacturing.
  • Just last month, Reuters reported that the Alliance for American Manufacturing warned the Biden administration that the importation of “low-cost Chinese autos and parts from Mexico” could “end up being an extinction-level event for the U.S. auto sector.”
    • The Alliance for American Manufacturing said that “the commercial backdoor left open to Chinese auto imports should be shut before it causes mass plant closures and job losses in the United States.”

Terrorists are flocking to Biden’s open border: 

  • The New York Post reported Sunday that a Lebanese illegal immigrant caught sneaking over the border “admitted he’s a member of Hezbollah, he hoped to make a bomb.”
    • A record number of terrorists have crossed the southern border during Biden’s presidency.
  • Criminals and terrorists are flocking to our southern border because they know Joe Biden has no interest in enforcing immigration law.
    • In fact, in the face of an historic wave of illegal immigration, Joe Biden is proposing cutting deportations.

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  1. Ask yourselves this… why is the GOP not running “Willie Horton” style ads of illegal immigrants and school thugs either killing and/or beating up innocent Americans? Because they are Eunuch Cowards thats why. Either afraid of being called names or directly working with the Dems. Where are the ads of Transexuals going after kids? Where are the ads of Biden going after your appliances and cars? You will never see it because the GOP wants to be “nice”. The democrats reside in the sewer…we should at least be in the gutter. The GOP is ALWAYS playing defense…how about some offense once in a while.


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