Trump’s Greatest Accomplishment and Greatest Sin Was Beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Election

President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 despite the media saying she was going to win by a landslide.  It was an historic event. 

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

Even before the 2016 Election the Obama and Hillary gangs were spying on candidate Trump and making up a BS story that Trump was somehow in lockstep with Russian President Putin.  This was all a lie like everything coming out the Clinton and Obama and Biden gangs.

Hillary was furious after losing to President Trump.  She reportedly was very drunk after losing to candidate Trump and couldn’t even make it out to announce that she had lost.  She sent corrupt John Podesta out to tell the losing party that they were going to bed.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

From that day forward the Obama and Clinton gangs did all they could to destroy President Trump.  They used corrupt FBI Directors Mueller, Comey and Wray to take down President Trump.  They are still at it today.

The losers who wanted Crooked Hillary so desperately to win the 2016 Election are still at it.  The most disgusting act they have going is using a woman to claim she was raped by President Trump.

They then use a Clinton judge to push the BS case forward in New York.  CNN reports:

A federal judge overseeing a civil battery and defamation trial involving Donald Trump has denied the former president’s motion for a mistrial.

The ruling came before E. Jean Carroll, the columnist who sued Trump, again took the stand for cross-examination in a session that included questions about a “Law & Order SVU” episode and Trump’s former program “The Apprentice.”

Trump had argued that Judge Lewis Kaplan had made “pervasive unfair and prejudicial rulings” against him. In a letter filed overnight Monday, his attorney Joe Tacopina said alternatively he would ask Kaplan to “correct the record for each and every instance in which the Court has mischaracterized the facts of this case to the jury” or provide him greater leeway in cross examining Carroll.


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