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Trump Team’s Response to Crooked Hillary’s Remarks – They Are Coming After All of Us

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Hillary Clinton showed her true colors this week. 

FOX News reported on Hillary’s remarks:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a “formal deprogramming” for many supporters of former President Donald Trump during a new CNN interview.

Discussing the recent upheaval on Capitol Hill, Clinton contrasted what she called the “sane” part of the GOP caucus who helped prevent a government shutdown with the “cult” wing devoted to Trump.

“That’s the way it used to be,” Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Thursday. “I mean, we had very strong partisans in both parties in the past, and we had very bitter battles over all kinds of things… but there wasn’t this little tail of extremism, waving, you know, wagging the dog of the Republican Party as it is today. And sadly, so many of those extremists, those MAGA extremists take their marching orders from Donald Trump, who has no credibility left by any measure. He’s only in it for himself. He’s now defending himself in civil actions and criminal actions. And when do they break with him?”

Clinton continued, “Because at some point, you know, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members, but something needs to happen.”

That remark appeared to amuse Amanpour, who could be seen gleefully reacting to Clinton.

See Hillary’s video below:

The Trump team responded to Hillary’s remarks.

Here is Trump team’s response to Crooked Hillary’s disgusting comments:

President Trump has said countless times that they are only coming after him, because he stands in their way from coming after you — and Hillary Clinton just confirmed that to be true. Tens of millions of Americans will reject the Democrat Party’s re-education camp agenda in November 2024 when we make Donald Trump the 47th President of the United States.” — Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc.

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1 thought on “Trump Team’s Response to Crooked Hillary’s Remarks – They Are Coming After All of Us”

  1. Ah the intolerant tolerant Satanists have their favorite mouthpiece at it again. How long do we have to put up with this old hag? Being a rhetorical question, the Lord has an appointment and then off to Hell and eventually to the Lake of Fire. To late for her and the other ilk to be reeducated. Am I being judgmental? Nope. It’s in the King James Bible Romans chapter 1: 28-32. Of course, I’m an old fuddy duddy hanging onto fundamental beliefs. This article points to the elephant in the room, we’re in a spiritual battle for Americas soul and that of the whole world.

    Thank you, Mr. Hoft, for your stance and informative articles. We’re in the minority but this past week we saw what can happen when eight people withstood the RINO’s and gave McCarthy the boot.

    My hope in in the Lord Jesus Christ but we’re still in this world. Get out and alert the sleeping to vote conservative that align as close to the Bible as possible. And may God bless and protect President Trump, conservatives and Believers. Grace and Peace.


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