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Trump Team’s Comprehensive List of Biden Debate Lies


Crooked Joe Biden Has A BIG Problem With The Truth

At last week’s debate, President Trump delivered a masterful, coherent, and polished performance in which he succinctly laid out the successes of his first term and outlined a clear vision for his second term.

Crooked Joe Biden’s performance, of course, was a humiliating display of incoherence. Nothing was more egregious, however, than Crooked Joe’s chronic lying — and as the Biden campaign desperately tries to memory hole the disaster, we have the receipts.

Here is a (mostly) comprehensive list of Biden’s debate LIES:

“I’m the only president this century that … doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world, like he did.”

FACT: 13 U.S. service members were killed in Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, while other service members have died abroad in training accidents and other incidents.

“He got $2 trillion tax cut, benefited the very wealthy.”

FACT: About 90% of Americans saw their take-home pay INCREASE following President Trump’s tax cuts.

“All he said was, it’s not that serious. Just inject a little bleach in your arm.”

FACT: This has been repeatedly debunked.

“We created 15,000 new jobs. We brought on — in a position where we have 800,000 new manufacturing jobs.”

FACT: As many as seven-in-ten jobs “created” since the pandemic were recovered, not new jobs.

“He rewarded the wealthy. He had the largest tax cut in American history, $2 trillion.”

FACT: President Trump’s tax cuts lowered taxes for every income bracket, with an average tax cut of $1,260 in 2018.

“We finally beat Medicare.”

FACT: This makes literally no sense.

“…a young woman who just was murdered and he went to the funeral. The idea that she was murdered by an immigrant coming in…”

FACT: Biden’s open border is responsible for ushering in an entirely new category of crime — Biden Migrant Crime — which has resulted in the needless deaths of American citizens by individuals with no right to be in the country.

“I supported Roe v. Wade, which had three trimesters.”

FACT: Biden was long a “skeptic” of Roe v. Wade — even saying the Supreme Court’s decision “went too far” — before he ultimately shifted his position when it became politically advantageous.

“Roe v. Wade does not provide for [late-term abortions] … We are not for late-term abortion, period, period, period.”

FACT: Roe v. Wade did, in fact, “provide for” late-term abortions — leaving states to regulate, or not regulate, abortion after “viability.” Meanwhile, Biden and Democrats have consistently refused to state which limits, if any, they support on abortion-on-demand.

“[If] he gets elected, and the MAGA Republicans control the Congress and they pass a universal ban on abortion … he’ll sign it.”

FACT: President Trump has repeatedly said he would not sign a national abortion ban.

“The Border Patrol endorsed me, endorsed my position.”

FACT: The Border Patrol union has said they “never have and never will endorse Biden.”

“When he was president, he was taking — separating babies from their mothers, putting them in cages…”

FACT: While Biden was vice president, the Obama-Biden administration put thousands of children in “cages” — and Biden defended it.

“The only terrorist who has done anything crossing the border is one who came along and killed three in his administration … that’s the only terrorist that’s there.”

FACT: A shocking number of individuals on the terror watchlist have crossed Biden’s open border — including hundreds of illegal aliens connected to ISIS-K networks in the Middle East.

“The idea [foreign countries] are emptying their prisons, we’re welcoming these people, that’s simply not true.”

FACT: Criminals from other countries — some of whom have committed violent crimes in their native countries — have routinely taken advantage of Biden’s open border policies.

“He said, ‘I don’t want to go in [the WWI cemetery in France] because they’re a bunch of losers and suckers.'”

FACT: This hoax has been repeatedly debunked.

“He did nothing about [Iran].”

FACT: President Trump ordered the assassination of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in 2020.

“We have a thousand trillionaires in America — I mean, billionaires in America. And what’s happening? They’re in a situation where they, in fact, pay 8.2% in taxes.”

FACT: There are not “a thousand trillionaires in America” — and billionaires actually pay a “much higher” tax rate.

“This guy told Ukraine — told Trump, do whatever you want. Do whatever you want. And that’s exactly what Trump did to Putin, encouraged him, do whatever you want.”

FACT: President Trump was talking in the context of NATO allies not paying their fair share of dues.

“We give them the weapons, not the money at this point. And our NATO allies have produced as much funding for Ukraine as we have.”

FACT: The U.S. is the largest supplier of bilateral military donations to Ukraine, while much of the European Union’s commitments have come in the form of loans.

“We are providing Israel with all the weapons they need and when they need them.”

FACT: The Biden administration has withheld weapons shipments from Israel.

“The fact is that there was no effort on his part to stop what was going on [on January 6].”

FACT: President Trump condemned violence and called for peace.

“He says if he loses again … there could be a bloodbath.”

FACT: This is a debunked hoax entirely manufactured by the Biden campaign; President Trump was talking about the end of the auto industry due to Biden’s electric vehicle mandate.

“What American president would ever say Nazis coming out of fields, carrying torches, singing the same antisemitic bile, carrying swastikas, were fine people?”

FACT: Even CNN’s Jake Tapper has debunked the “very fine people” hoax.

“This is a guy who says Hitler’s done some good things.”

FACT: This never happened.

“Black unemployment is the lowest level it has been in a long, long time.”

FACT: Black unemployment hit 5.3% during the Trump administration; it stood at 6.1% in May.

“There was no inflation when I became president. You know why? The economy was flat on its back. 15% unemployment.”

FACT: President Trump left office with inflation at 1.4% and an unemployment rate of 6.4% due to the unprecedented pandemic.

“He wants to cut the cops.”

FACT: President Trump has never called for eliminating law enforcement. In fact, there has been a 4.8% nationwide decline in police officers under Biden.

“We brought down the price of prescription drugs, which is a major issue for many people, to $15 for an insulin shot, as opposed to $400.”

FACT: The cap is $35/month.

“No senior has to pay more than $200 for any drug.”

FACT: The cap is $2,000/year.

“[The border] is better than when he left office.”

FACT: In President Trump’s entire term, just over two million illegal aliens were encountered at the southern border; under Crooked Joe, nearly seven million illegals have been encountered so far — not including “gotaways.”

“He wants to get rid of Social Security.”

FACT: President Trump has repeatedly promised he’ll always protect Social Security and Medicare; Biden has advocated cutting Social Security for 40+ years.

“The idea that we’re going to be in a situation where all these millions and millions, the way he talks about it, illegal aliens are coming into the country and taking away our jobs…”

FACT: More foreign-born workers have joined the labor force than native-born American workers during the Biden presidency.

“I said I’d never raise a tax on anybody making less than $400,000. I didn’t.”

FACT: Biden raised the tax burden on Americans earning as little as $20,000/year.

“50 million new jobs, 800,000 manufacturing jobs, more investment in America, over millions — billions of dollars in private investment…”

FACT: These figures are based on projections and nonbinding commitments, not reality.

“There’s a lot of young women who are being raped by their — by their in-laws, by their — by their spouses, brothers and sisters, by — just — it’s just — it’s just ridiculous.”

FACT: This also makes little sense.

“I got my handicap, which, when I was vice president, down to a 6 … I was 8 handicap.”

FACT: Video of Biden’s golf swing makes it clear this cannot possibly be true.

“The fact is that I said, nobody even making under $400,000 had a single penny increasing their taxes and it will not. And if I’m reelected, that’ll be the case again.”

FACT: Biden has already raised the tax burden on Americans earning as little as $20,000/year — and wants trillions more in tax hikes.

“He’s increased inflation because of the debacle he left.”

FACT: Annualized inflation was at 1.4% when President Trump left office.

“This is a guy who wants to get out of NATO.”

FACT: This isn’t true; President Trump repeatedly pressed NATO countries to meet their spending commitments during his presidency.

“The vast majority of constitutional scholars supported Roe when it was decided.”

FACT: There is no evidence to suggest this is true.

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  1. Everyone in America who tuned in to the debate could see for themselves how Biden has aged. “DFHrnd”- Already locked into what is at best a neck-and-neck race with Trump, Biden’s path to victory suddenly seemed to be turning into a dead-end before Democrats’ eyes…………….Read more

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