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Trump Sweeps West Virginia and Nebraska Primaries – Needs Only 99 Delegates to Win Nomination!

Billionaire Donald Trump swept the West Virginia and Nebraska primaries today. After taking all of the delegates in these two states he now needs less than 100 delegates to win the Republican Nomination for President.

Delegate Count 5-11 AP

Trump only needs 99 delegates to win the nomination. Based on current counts and as noted previously, Trump will reach the number of delegates to win the Nomination outright on Tuesday June 7th.   Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign after the Indiana primary and won no delegates.

After sweeping the past 9 primaries Trump Donald Trump now has 1,138 delegates; more than double Cruz’s delegate count of 564 with 435 remaining.

Trump now has a clear road to the nomination.

** Trump leads all candidates with 26 primary wins (Cruz has 4)

** Trump leads all candidates with 29 states won

** Trump requires only 23% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination

Delegate Count 5-7 Chart


Chart by Joe Hoft

Overall Trump continues to outshine all the candidates while competing against 16 primary opponents.


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