Trump Needs only 46% of Remaining Outstanding Delegates to Win Nomination – Cruz Officially EliminaTED

As we predicted and posted on April 2nd, as of today April 26th Ted Cruz is officially eliminated from winning the Republican nomination outright.

Our overall projections on April 2nd were very close to the actual results.  We predicted on April 2nd that Trump would have 953 delegates as of today (needing only 284 delegates for the nomination) and that Cruz would have 550 delegates as of today (needing 687 to win the nomination). We also predicted that only 634 delegates would remain as of today and therefore Cruz would need more delegates than would be available.

After sweeping all five primaries that occurred today (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania) Trump has 950 delegates, Cruz has 560 with 622 remaining. There are fewer delegates remaining than we originally projected because the delegates in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota were allocated in corrupt voter less elections after April 2nd. But our April 2nd projections for Trump and Cruz were overall very close.

Overall for Trump –

** Trump leads all Republican candidates with 950 delegates and has more delegates than all the other Republican candidates combined.

** Trump now leads all Republican and Democratic candidates with 23 primary wins (Cruz has 4 while Hillary has 21).

** Trump leads all candidates in states won – 26 – now more than half of the US.

** Per data from Trump is the only Republican candidate to have held 66% of the delegates awarded at one time during this campaign (after the South Carolina win).

** For that matter, Trump is the only Republican candidate to have held more than 35% of the delegates awarded at any one time.

** Trump has held more than 40% of the delegates awarded at any given time since the South Carolina win.

** Trump currently holds 50% of the delegates awarded to date and needs only 46% of the remaining outstanding delegates to win the nomination

Delegate Count 4-26 after East Coast Sweep



From this day forward it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for the Cruz campaign to try and convince voters that they are staying in the race to win the election. The Cruz campaign has a difficult case to make in that Cruz has the same legitimacy to the nomination as Trump now that Trump has 23 primary wins to Cruz’s 4!

From this point forward the momentum is with Trump, he has moved from the frontrunner to the presumptive GOP nominee. Cruz and Kasich would be smart to put their individual aspirations aside and begin helping the GOP to beat Hillary. The unification of the party is now on them.