TRUMP MOMENTUM IS SURGING=> Half a MILLION at his Rallies since July, 25,000 at Hillary Rallies


Trump’s momentum is surging.
His campaign is noticeably full of energy and the numbers prove it.

Night after night Trump fills venues throughout the country setting capacity records and turning away thousands in the process.

The internet is filled with videos of long lines waiting to get into Trump events and packed houses all over the country.

Since entering the race in 2015 through July 2016 it’s estimated that Trump entertained 1.1 million people at his rallies.

Since July (in only 2 and a half months) it’s estimated that Trump has entertained another half a million people.
He has turned away another 100,000 as well.


Trump campaign rally participants as of October 15, 2016 were enough to hold hands and form a continuous line from KC to DC.


Trump is just crushing Hillary Clinton in rally attendance from August 1st through October 15th with 20 times the number of individuals at his events during this time (500,000 to 25,000). While Trump is filling arenas around the country, Hillary can barely fill half a high school gymnasium at hers. (Her surrogates like Tim Kaine can’t even get 50 people at an event.)


It is clear that Trump’s train is moving downhill while Hillary’s train hasn’t even left the station.

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