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Trump Aid Who Made Up Story About President Trump, Now Telling Horrible Story About Rudy

Cassidy Hutchinson is the former Trump aid who claimed the President Tried to take over driving the Presidential limo on Jan 6. Now she’s after Rudy Giuliani.

Former Trump aid Cassidy Hutchinson went before Liz Cheney’s Jan 6 Committee and made up all sorts of stories.  These were not normal stories.  They were wild.

HERE THEY ARE: “Surprise Witness” Cassidy Hutchinson’s NINE Confirmed Lies from Her Debunked Congressional Testimony Against Trump

Conservative Mama reproduced Cassidy’s interview in front of the corrupt Jan 6 committee.  It was perfect.

PERFECTION! Conservative Momma Reenacts Cassidy Hutchinson’s Testimony to Cheney, Democrats and Gullible Media Outlets (VIDEO)

Ms. Cassidy is back at it.  She reportedly has released a book.  Per Hotair, in the book she claims Rudy Giuliani sexually abused her.

[Cassidy] Hutchinson, whose tome “Enough” is due out next week, recalled the encounter with the former mayor and Trump attorney shortly before then then-president’s supporters ransacked the Capitol and delayed the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s 2020 election win.

“‘By the way,’ he says, fingering the fabric, ‘I’m loving this leather jacket on you.’ His hand slips under my blazer, then my skirt,” Hutchinson writes, according to the Guardian.

“I feel his frozen fingers trail up my thigh,” she continues. “He tilts his chin up. The whites of his eyes look jaundiced. My eyes dart to [Trump adviser] John Eastman, who flashes a leering grin.”

[It’s curious that this allegation is only surfacing now, more than two and a half years later, and just when Hutchinson’s book is coming out. Hutchinson had given some blockbuster testimony to the J6 committee that got challenged later for accuracy; why not disclose it then? Or any time since? That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but this is one person’s allegation and the timing reflects on credibility. — Ed]

What sort of mindset allows someone to say the things that Ms. Hutchinson is saying?

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