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Trending Gun Control and Increased Mental Health Treatment Set to Boost Mass Killings

Its Not the Guns Its Big Pharma

Trending Gun Control and Increased Mental Health Treatment Set to Boost Mass Killings

Republished with permission from AbleChild.

Trending in the Aftermath of Mass Killings, Gun Control and Increased Mental Health Treatment, Thanks for Nothing Governor Mills shared the following.

“Violence is not a simple problem, nor is the remedy a single, simple measure. The proposals in this bill are not extreme or unusual, or a cookie cutter version of another’s state’s laws. They are practical, common-sense measures that are Maine-made and true to our culture and our longstanding traditions while meeting today’s needs. They represent meaningful progress, without trampling on anybody’s rights, and they will better protect public safety,” said Governor Janet Mills.

“I hope, Mills explained, “that lawmakers will approach these proposals with an open mind, reflecting not only upon what they believe is best but on what those who disagree with them believe is best as well. For the sake of the communities, individuals, and families now suffering immeasurable pain, and for the sake of our state, we will act.”

Among the suggested measures to deal with gun violence in response to the Lewiston, Maine shooting, Governor Mills sends to the legislature the following:

Establish an Injury and Violence Prevention Program at the Maine CDC

Strengthen Maine’s Mental Health System:

Prohibit Dangerous People from Possessing Weapons.

All of that without the Governor ever even getting close to figuring out why Robert Card went on a one-man shooting spree. Talk about irresponsible and dangerous. We still don’t know the name of Robert Card’s treating psychiatrist, nor the psychiatric cocktail of mind-altering drugs Robert Card was prescribed, if any.  We do know he was “treated” by the Military and referred to Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital for more mental health “treatment.”  We also know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) placed Blackbox suicide and homicidal warnings on an array of mental health drugs tied to what is pushed throughout the country as “treatment.”

Governor Mills’ failure to “get to the facts” of the Card investigation are illustrated by the very controversial special committee that she empowered to obtain whatever they needed to uncover the facts, and its inability to do so.  We simply do not have the facts that would support the Governor’s sweeping gun control and increased mental health  legislation. 

The common thread the mass killings have is the mental health treatment given to the killer prior to the bizarre violent behaviors.  Often, multiple red flags are raised to the “stakeholders” and family members often alert these “stakeholders.”  The records are then withheld from the public by the State and Federal government, and the public gets drips of propaganda packaged by the media that never get to the root of the problem, the psychiatric drugs involved and the name of the treating psychiatrists.

The State and Federal government guard the behavioral health vendors allowing them to withhold pertinent information from the public.  This was highly visible in the Nikolas Cruz Parkland shooting sentencing trial, where years of psychiatric drugging of Cruz came out.  In fact, Henderson Behavioral Health deemed Cruz not a harm to himself or others prior to the killings.  Henderson Behavioral Health was shielded from liability.  Henderson Behavioral is 90% funded by the State and Federal government.  Their multimillion-dollar contract was untouched.

What did change in the aftermath of Parkland?  The Florida legislature rescinds unanimous jury requirement in death sentencing allowing a judge to impose death if at least eight out of twelve jurors agree. Yeah, that will take care of the violence!

The government is funding the mental health industry at an alarming rate with taxpayer money.  A billion-dollar behavioral health industry that utilizes institutions as a referral platform, from the military to the school systems, to the police stations.  This is done by an anti-stigma campaign to obtain more access to clients without informed consent.

What the taxpayers get is massive mental health spending and imposing stricter gun control laws that infringe upon individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Even more distressing is that often it is the mental health industry training the police prior to the mass killings.  Police departments are being forced to incorporate mental health divisions into the departments. Tennessee, Houston, and Kansas City Police Departments received training prior to those mass killings, including training such as Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) that focus on noncompliance to mental health treatments.

The police become makeshift medication compliance officers, making sure the alleged criminal is getting the “treatment” prescribed.  Instead of training police to investigate the link to the treating psychiatrist and the adverse events associated with the  prescribed mind-altering drugs and then document and report these adverse drug events to MedWatch; instead they are trained to become referral agents to the very behavioral health industry drugging these individuals with psychiatric drugs linked to increased suicide and violence.

The excessive focus on mental health services and gun control will continue to allow psychiatry to stigmatize individuals with natural human conditions such as anxiety and depression, and further marginalize them in society and away from any actual solutions and pathways to overcome these naturally occurring human challenges.

Allocating more resources to mental health services diverts funding from other critical areas such as education, actual medical conditions, or public safety.

The Governor’s recommendations come without the valuable data needed to determine exactly what mental health “treatment” Robert Card actually received, what mind-altering psychiatric drugs he was prescribed and for how long, and the names of those who treated him. Without that information the public is no safer and the violent behavior will continue.

Shame on Governor Mills.

2 thoughts on “Trending Gun Control and Increased Mental Health Treatment Set to Boost Mass Killings”

  1. You are spot on. The psychiatry industry is very much involved in deranged shooters. The FIB also admitted ‘being aware’ or having contact with most of them. But did nothing.
    Let me remind you of the Ft. Lauderdale shooting. An ex-military person was having mental issues so he went to the VA in Alaska… Next thing you know, he’s on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale (from Alaska) with no baggage. He gets to the airport and starts shooting it up. All he was known to say to somebody was “they showed me movies”…
    The government is very much involved in the psychiatry industry, rubber stamping transitioners – that alone needs to be brought forth. Psychiatry is very much involved in shooters, we know this much. They’ve been aware of them all.

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