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TREASON: BIDEN CAUGHT Receiving Wire of $250,000 from China

Oh no – say it ain’t so Joe. 

The US House claims to have receipts of money going directly to Joe Biden. 

The Washington Examiner reports:

Not three years ago, Joe Biden insisted his son never received a dime from China. Now, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has proved that Hunter Biden indeed received more than a quarter-million dollars from his Beijing business partners.

After years of claiming the president never uttered a word with Hunter Biden about his overseas business dealings, the White House ever so slightly shifted the goal posts, claiming that old Joe was never involved with the first son’s influence peddling. Now, the House Oversight and Reform Committee has proved that those Beijing bucks were wired with Joe Biden’s Delaware manor listed as the beneficiary.

Note that the money was wired in the summer of 2019, when the younger Biden said he was living in California with his second wife.

For months, as the evidence mounted that the president knew much more about his son’s exploits than he ever admitted he did, Joe Biden’s defenders have clung to a final line of defense, namely that even if Joe Biden had a sense that his son was trading on the family name to gain cash from America’s most pernicious adversaries, Joe Biden personally did not profit off of these dealings.

But now we have evidence that cash from Chinese oligarchs was sent to Joe Biden’s house when he was living in Delaware and his son was a continent away. Where is the possible reasonable doubt that Joe Biden was not personally receiving (read: profiting from) Hunter Biden’s Beijing brokering?

The Biden family is a 35-year-old crime family.  They were paid illegally for doing favors for anybody and any country around the globe.  Rudy Giuliani covered this in a podcast yesterday based on his years of studying the corrupt, dumb and perverted family.

Rudy Giuliani on the Biden Crime Family (VIDEO)

This family is a criminal mobster gang. 

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