TRAIN WRECK: Fani Willis Is in Big Trouble – She Doesn’t Even Know How Much Trouble She’s In | Joe Hoft


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TRAIN WRECK: Fani Willis Is in Big Trouble – She Doesn’t Even Know How Much Trouble She’s In

Fani Willis’s boyfriend prosecutor may be in as much trouble as she is. Let’s face it, the Democrats are a Train wreck. 

Fulton County and the state of Georgia are being led by some real bad actors.

We know that the State’s “GOP” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and those around him are corrupt.  We know the state certified a fraud-filled election in 2020 that never should have been certified and because of it, the 2020 Election was stolen in the state from President Trump.

Then after that entire facade, the corrupt Fulton County Soros-backed DA Fani Willis went after President Trump on an insane case claiming he worked with others to try and steal the 2020 Election.

Fani is claiming that President Trump was trying to steal the stolen 2020 Election in Georgia.  This doesn’t make sense for numerous reasons. 

Then we found out that Fani was having an affair with the lead prosecutor.  This was something his wife did not like.

HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED! Fanni Willis Had Affair with Guy Whose Wife is Pissed! (VIDEO)

Then we uncovered that there is good reason to believe that Fani committed a crime when partying around the country with her boyfriend.

Evidence Soros-Backed Fulton County DA Fani Willis Committed a Crime by Defrauding the Government

Now even far-left publication the Daily Beast admits that Fani’s boyfriend has some serious issues.

In her speech, Willis argued that Wade was competent because he had been hired as special counsel by a white Republican when Cobb County hired him to conduct an investigation into jail deaths. But a local news station successfully argued that the investigation was only launched to prevent the public from filing open records requests into the deaths. At the hearing, Nathan Wade admitted that, despite spending five months talking to deputies and investigating the issue, he had failed to keep a single note. Cobb County quickly settled and turned the papers over. This suggests that Wade might not have been selected because he was especially diligent, but rather because he could be trusted to help keep a secret.

The Beast goes on to report that Wade filed papers to divorce his wife the day after Fani Willis hired him.  Then the Beast says:

The standard to disqualify Fulton County here is not whether Fani Willis actually made her decisions to benefit Nathan Wade. It’s plausible that she would have made the exact same choices without the personal relationship. But if her choices to extend or prolong the investigation benefit a romantic partner, who is paying for her meals and vacations, that is an actual conflict.

When a Georgia judge was found having sex with a public defender outside the courthouse, the courts did not hesitate to find that this undisclosed sexual contact required new trials for the accused, even if it might have arguably been to their benefit.

Just as here, the guilt or innocence of those accused was irrelevant. The conflict of interest required a new trial.

This trial never should have started.  There is evidence for this statement.  And we have it!

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