TOTAL FAILURE: “Biden Literally Acting as a Human Shield for Hamas” | Joe Hoft


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TOTAL FAILURE: “Biden Literally Acting as a Human Shield for Hamas”

This presentation by Caroline Glick lays out the nightmare of Biden/Obama’s nightmare in the Middle East. 

Conservative Treehouse shared this video on Biden’s mess in the Hamas attack against Israel.

Everything vehicle that goes into the Gaza strip is overseen by Hamas.

Tony Blinken went to Israel to block Israel’s raid of Gaza.  He refused to give Israel arms unless they give arms and food to Hamas.

Hamas runs everything in Gaza.  They hold the 200 hostages, including children in Gaza and young women who are being tortured and raped every day.

Blinken won’t provide Israel arms to defeat Israel.

Hamas fires missiles from schools and other places where innocents live.

Biden is attacking Israel.  They won’t provide arms to take out the underground Hamas locations.

“Biden is literally acting as a human shield for Hamas.”

This video explains it all.

And while Biden is flying to Israel to help his campaign, and while he is making Israel appease Hamas after kidnapping, killing and raping hundreds, the leaders of the Arab world turn down any offer to meet.

Joe Biden was literally in the air, flying toward the region when Jordan’s King Abdullah just cancelled the summit between Egyptian President al-Sisi, Abdullah and Biden. This is more than a little sunlight on who Abdullah was talking about earlier when he said, “the usual suspects were trying to create Defacto issues on the ground.”


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