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Tom Renz: The Attacks on Israel – Is Biden an Anti-Semite?

Guest post by Tom Renz

Let me ask you a question. If I told you that there was a world leader that supported Hamas and Iran despite the fact that both have said they want to destroy Israel would you think he was and anti-Semite? What if I told you the same leader provided funding and support for those same groups? Now I want to ask whether you would think that same leader was anti-Semitic if he also supported a nation with a strong known Nazi presence in their military? To top this all off what if I told you this same leader was part of a group who’s leadership talked positively and incessantly about Hitler; would all that make you think that maybe this guy is an anti-Semite?

Well, that guy exists and he is our president… Joe Biden.

Let’s start with Iran and Hamas. This unholy alliance is one of the most vicious groups on the planet. If you doubt me here’s an article from CBS ( mentioning a bit of what is happening:

Disturbing videos out of Israel show innocent citizens, including women, children and the elderly, being taken hostage by Hamas, which is on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations, as they invaded the country on Saturday. In one video, a woman yells for help, her arm outstretched, as she is taken away on a motorcycle. She is Noa Argamani, a university student who was attending the Supernova music festival in the south of Israel when the Palestinian militants began their attack.

Noa has a mother, father, family, friends and loved ones. All of them are terrified for her and know that there is a very real possibility she has been raped, killed, or worse. All because these monsters hate the Jewish people of Israel.

Joe Biden just released $6 billion to Iran – the country that sponsors Hamas. Biden has long been into appeasing Iran and Hamas ( but giving $6 billion to a country that is openly looking for ways to destroy Israel just seems absurd… almost as absurd as suggesting that a country that would sponsor a group like Hamas would stay true to it’s word about “only using the money for food and medicine.” That Biden would use that as an excuse is an absolute embarrassment.

The thing no one is talking about, however, is the arms left in Afghanistan when we decided to pull out and leave an entire army worth of arms for terrorists. Given Iran’s reported ties to the Taliban does anyone really believe that none of the $6 billion we gave to Iran was funneled to the Taliban to buy those weapons? I’d love some investigations to determine if and how many American arms left in Afghanistan were used in the attacks on Isreal. I’m speculating on this point but does it seem unreasonable?

Let’s shift our attention to Ukraine. Did you know Ukraine has a strong Nazi presence in their military that we are funding? Here’s an article from mainstream news source NBC talking about the “Nazi problem” in Ukraine: Despite the fact that Ukraine has a well known Nazi presence we have supported them in a war to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars with no real benefit for our nation and without any real explanation as to why (other than they apparently have blackmail info on Biden). Am I the only one that sees a problem with supporting a military that is okay with Nazis? Isn’t this the definition of anti-Semitism?

Last but certainly not lease, Joe Biden is a member and huge supporter of the World Economic Forum (WEF). For those that do not know, the WEF is essentially the planning committee for globalist billionaires that want to remake the world under a one-world-government. They support the climate hoax, the WHO and their poison death jabs, and about anything else you can think of that is anti-freedom.

While Klaus Schwab (the leader of the WEF) has an interesting family background and has made a number of troubling statements, it is his lead “scientific” advisor, historian Yuval Noah Harari that seems to lead in anti-Semitism (despite being an Israeli Jew). Here is a collection of clips in which Harari talks about his apparent favorites Hitler, Stallin, and others:

The most bizarre thing about Harari is how frequently he talks about people like Hitler in terms of what they could have done with modern tech. He openly states that these guys could not do what they wanted back in the day but now they could because of the new tech. Many of these clips sound more like him longing for these things to happen rather than the warnings one would hope he were promulgating if he believed these horrors could be real. Worse, if you read Schwab’s book and Harari’s rants it seems they are both highly likely to support the ideology of these monsters that they cannot stop talking about. So is it anti-Semitic to be a part of an organization that seems to support Nazi ideology?

There cannot be ANY tolerance for this racist, anti-Semitic nonsense and we MUST stop this as a country. Biden is not just a bad president, he appears to be a terrible human being. Aside from the bribes, his kid, his propensity to sniff children inappropriately, the reality is that there appears to be a legitimate question as to whether he is an anti-Semite. I pray for my Jewish brothers and sisters around the world and that peace may rain.

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