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TOM RENZ: An Essay for Kids on Christmas

Santa Claus

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Guest post by Tom Renz

I’m not sure whether anyone will like this or not but I am an unapologetic Christmas fanatic. I thought about writing about COVID, the white lung disease (the COVID vax disease), J6, the election fraud or any of a number of other topics but instead decided to write an essay for kids about Santa. I’ve never written anything targeted towards kids but I thought I would try to write something that might help kids think about the meaning of Santa and Christmas. No idea if this is a hit or miss but it is from the heart of a 46 year old warrior that would love nothing more in this world that to be Santa.

I love Santa Claus. I love his suit, I love his reindeer, I love that he gives presents, and I love that he does it all just because he is nice. Santa is the very best of people because he is so nice. He cares so much about people that he spends an entire year making presents so he can give them to people without even seeing them open the presents he delivers.

When I think about Santa he reminds me of Jesus. Jesus worked his whole life to teach people to be good. He was nice to everyone, even the people that made mistakes, and he healed the sick. Jesus loved people so much that he actually let bad guys kill him so people that did bad things to him could be forgiven. I think Jesus would like Santa because Santa also does nice things without expecting anyone to say thank you.

Sometimes I like to think about how hard Santa works. Santa must work all the time in his magical workshop to create so many gifts. He makes toys, he makes clothes, and he finds ways to do nice things for people. I wonder if he ever goes on vacation.

When Santa gets done working all year to make all those presents, he has to deliver them to everyone! He works harder on Christmas than anyone because he wants to deliver his presents to make people happy. He knows that kids will love getting presents so he gives them to the kids but the kids don’t even see him do it to thank him. Instead, he sneaks in and drops those presents off and then keeps working to make sure as many kids get presents as possible. After all that work he doesn’t even get to see how happy he makes the kids with those presents.

I’ll bet it’s super cold and very hard to deliver all those presents. Just think, Santa rides in a sleigh in the winter when most places are super cold. I wonder if he has a heater in his sleigh. I think it would be cold and I also think it would be super hard to deliver the presents. Imagine having to go into so many places people live and unloading all those presents. I’ll be Santa is tired after Christmas.

The best part about Santa is that he is good. He does things for other people just because it is nice. He doesn’t wait for people to say thank you and doesn’t even care whether people like him. He just does nice things because he is nice and good. When I grow up I really hope I can be like Santa. Santa is the best.

I wish you all an early merry Christmas and pray that you are able to remember the spirit throughout the season.

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