Three Years Ago FBI Director James Comey Gave His Famous Hillary Exoneration Speech

It’s now been three years since the infamous James Comey speech where he sanctimoniously exonerated Hillary Clinton of any and all crimes related to her maintenance and destruction of thousands of classified and subpoenaed emails.

A few days after Hillary was interviewed by the FBI’s corrupt investigator Peter Strzok and a week after Hillary’s husband and former President Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac, FBI Director James Comey unanimously by himself exonerated Hillary Clinton of any crimes related to her email server and destruction of subpoenaed emails.

Hillary’s actions were criminal as pointed out by Comey but he became judge and juror in not recommending an indictment –

This historic event and the biggest joke in law enforcement history is now in song –

Three years later Hillary lost the election. Comey was fired in shame. But both unfortunately still walk free after committing numerous crimes.