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This Week’s Reasons to Celebrate – 10 Things to Be Grateful For!

With all the bad news with the Biden economy and the Biden crime family’s destruction of America and attacks against President Trump and those of us that love America, we sometimes forget to be grateful.

Here are 10 things that occurred this past week that we can be grateful for:

1) Mitch McConnell is stepping down

2) Worthless Ronna Romney McDaniel is stepping down

Ronna Romney McDaniel Will Finally Step Down as RNC Head

3) Fani Willis is being destroyed

Bad News for Fani Willis as Trump Attorneys Catch Her in Another Lie

4) Jack Smith maybe an unconstitutional appointment “selection”

Supreme Court Amicus Brief Argues that Corrupt DOJ’s Hiring of Corrupt Jack Smith Was Unconstitutional

5) Trump is winning bigly,

6) Mike Benz came out of nowhere to destroy the Deep State

MIKE BENZ: More on the Government Censorship Complex (VIDEO)

7) PeekABoo James is caught in massive corruption

HUGE: New York’s Corrupt Letitia James Caught Spending Millions on Hotels, Travel, and Consultants with Millions Coming from Donor Mules

8) A Rothschild has died

9) America knows Biden is destroying this country with his border policies

AMERICA AWAKENS: Americans Are Done with Biden’s Open Boarder Policy

10. Emergency crews in Louisville saved a trucker’s life in a heroic rescue on a bridge over the Ohio River

FAITH IN ACTION: Fireman Saves Life of Truck Driver Dangling Over Ohio River Bridge

Hang in there.  God and the truth are on our side.

1 thought on “This Week’s Reasons to Celebrate – 10 Things to Be Grateful For!”

  1. Thanks Joe! At times evil clouds our vision of how things are moving for the better. Fear is fueled and that invites surrender. Heroic courage is needed to stand up to and repulse evil’s seeming progress. We need to focus on the positives and continue a stubborn resistance. Evil will be defeated. This assurance comes as I’m reminded of this comment when surrounded by evil: “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are greater than those who are with them” (The Bible, 2 Kings 6:16).


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