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“They All Live in Fear of Trump. It’s a Cult.” – Announcer Bob Costas on CNN Referring to the GOP

Bob Costas is like the athlete who starts a fight with his top fans.  He was like a clown in a circus in his recent interview on CNN.

In another brilliant interview, Bob Costas took time to berate President Trump and Americans who want to make America great again.

Joe Biden is destroying America in every way.  The economy is in shambles, with record credit card debt, record US debt, 40-year high inflation, and banks failing and on the brink.

Biden’s foreign policy is to destroy the US as well.  Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban and only a few days later stepped into Ukraine and as a result the world is on the brink of WWIII.

Bob Costas doesn’t care.  He’s clearly on the far-left and is not afraid of sharing it.

Costas was on CNN and he took the opportunity to berate the largest political base in US history.

Here is a video fresh from Mia Farrow.

Costas has officially lost it.  It’s time CNN gave him his own show.  

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