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THERE’S SOMETHING HAPPENING HERE – In a Real World DeSantis and Haley Would End Their Campaigns

There’s something happening here – 

Something’s Happening Here was a song in the 1960s that started like this:

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

President Trump won the first 2024 Election in Iowa.  It was a resounding victory although I suspect some wrongdoing.  This is what American politics has become.

Nearly 70% of those polled by CNN entering the caucus’s last night believed that Joe Biden did NOT win the 2020 Election legitimately.   This number is shocking and something we have never seen in modern US politics.  More than two-thirds of the people who attended GOP caucuses believe the current man in the White House, Joe Biden, did not win the 2020 Election.

CNN Entrance Poll at GOP Iowa Caucus Shocks the Radical Left

Yet somehow those people who believe Biden stole the 2020 Election didn’t all vote for President Trump?  You would think the ratios would be closer to the same. 

Then at the end of the night, the second and third place finishers, 30 points behind President Trump give speeches and aren’t dropping out.  The corrupt media covers their speeches and not President Trump’s speech of unity and coming together.

CNN and MSNBC Won’t Show President Trump’s Speech in Iowa – Show DeSantis and Haley Speeches Instead

Up next is the New Hampshire primary where an angry Trump hater mysteriously won the race for governor in a state where evidence shows that President Trump won in 2020 as well.

In the book, The Steal – Volume III: The Cover-Up, I write about the bizarre results in New Hampshire in 2020.

The results in New Hampshire in the 2020 Presidential Election made no sense.  New Hampshire was one of the many states whose results were suspect.

• Republicans flipped the New Hampshire Senate from 14–10 Democrat to 14–10 Republican in 2020.
• Republicans flipped the New Hampshire House from 230–156 majority Democrat to 213–187 Republican majority in 2020.
• Yet, Joe Biden, who was fourth in the Democrat Party primary in the state, and Kamala Harris, who did not make it to the Democrat primary, won the state 52.7 percent to 45.4 percent to Trump.

What are the odds that the corrupt GOP Governor Sununu and the corrupt leaders of the GOP in the state are working on stealing the election for either Haley or DeSantis?

With machines we no longer have elections, we have selections by corrupt actors who hate Philadelphia Freedom, the freedom of the common man provided for in the US Constitution.  The common man backs President Trump.

3 thoughts on “THERE’S SOMETHING HAPPENING HERE – In a Real World DeSantis and Haley Would End Their Campaigns”

  1. Haley and DeSantis have too much time and money invested in NH to drop out, and their big funders would not like that. They each want the other to drop out. If they both stay in, then neither one can get a boost, they are as high as they are ever going to get. I favor them both staying in and eliminating each other.

    Sununu is just a spoiled brat who would never be governor if his daddy was not governor. He is a full RINO, wants to be Haley’s VP. He exudes entitlement. His daddy was a pretend conservative who helped get Souter on the court. Souter of course immediately flipped. Sununu junior is also a chameleon.

  2. Joe,
    My thoughts exactly. One thing, the Dems did not have a caucus last night. Many Dems “switched” parties to vote for Haley. Both Haley & DeSantis (I suspect) are anticipating Trump not making it through the year. (Don’t want to even think this is a possibility, but others do.) The Deep State has been planning on taking over the US for decades, and probably the world as well. The depth of their evil is unimaginable to us.
    One thing we must do, when Trump wins, we all have to get into the political process – at every level – school boards, local elections, County Clerks – everywhere. A Trump win will only be the beginning of the change. We have no other options but to keep going moving forward.
    Thank you for all your hard work in keeping us informed.


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