There Are Numerous Lies in the FISA Memo But What the FBI Did Not Tell the Court May Be the Biggest! | Joe Hoft


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There Are Numerous Lies in the FISA Memo But What the FBI Did Not Tell the Court May Be the Biggest!

The FISA memo used by the FBI to obtain a warrant to spy on President Trump was released last week. Although heavily redacted, the biggest lie in the FISA application is what was not shared.

We now know that the Steele Dosier was materially the sole support for the FISA application the FBI used to spy on President Trump. The document was based on the work of an individual in the UK who supposedly interviewed Russians and who was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign. We really have no idea who Steele purportedly interviewed to obtain [create] the salacious dossier, nor does the FBI as there have been no interviews of Russians who supposedly provided the salacious information in the dossier.

What is also telling about the FISA warrant is not just that the dossier was never verified but that the FBI said that it was.

Senator Grassley also questioned the support for the Steele dossier and noted this in his Senate report –

The FBI in the FISA warrant needed more support for the dossier so they provided an article from former Newsweek writer Michael Isikoff as that support. The problem with doing this is that the FBI never shared that the support for Isikoff’s article was the dossier.

The biggest lie in the FISA document may be that that dossier was never verified [i.e. the entire thing may be made up]; or that the FBI never mentioned that Steele was biased and a Never-Trumper; or it may be that the dossier was bolstered by Isikoff’s report that was based on the dossier which was never communicated to the court; or it may be that the FBI said that it had “suspended its relationship” with Steele after they found out Steele went to the press but the FBI never notes that the information Steele leaked to the media was used in their FISA warrant!

The FISA warrant to spy on candidate and now President Trump was a fraud and therefore illegal. The “Spygate” scandal is the greatest scandal in US history. President Obama corrupted the government and the justice system and this is becoming more and more crystal clear as the days go by.

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