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The World Economic Forum Is Petrified of President Trump

President Trump in NH

The New World Order did discuss the potential of President Trump winning again. 

WEF leaders on preparing for the possibility of Trump winning again.  After Trump ran away with Iowa, they became scared:

Although Trump himself is an ocean away, discussions about him fill this Swiss town. Ian Bremer, president of the Eurasia Group, an American political risk consulting firm, said “Everyone’s talking about it … I mean, there’s a lot of ice out there. Right under the ice — just under the ice — is sheer panic on the part of certainly every European leader you may have seen.”

See their comments below:

These people who gaslight everything while pushing their fascist New World Order agenda know that President Trump, freedom and the American people are their enemies.

The Heritage Foundation, which has been afraid to talk about the stolen 2020 Election, did stand up for President Trump at Davos.

The president of the Heritage Foundation confronted hosts at the World Economic Forum Thursday in Davos, Switzerland, challenging claims that the WEF is protecting democracy and calling so-called elites “part of the problem.”

“The forgotten people aren’t just poor or working-class Americans of all ethnic backgrounds. There’s a lot of these forgotten people, as I’ve come to learn over the last few years [who are] small business owners; people who scraped and saved,” he said, adding that many aren’t often inherently political.

“They all believe the same thing, which is that the American Dream is slipping away from them.”

The best thing for the world is for fascists like the WEF fail and President Trump and freedom reign. 

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