The Very Existance of the Country May Come Down to Where the BS Jan 6 Case Will Take Place | Joe Hoft


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The Very Existance of the Country May Come Down to Where the BS Jan 6 Case Will Take Place

The venue for the Jan 6 case may determine the future existence of this country. 

Last night we heard that the corrupt Biden DOJ had indicted President Trump in its third BS case.  The case surrounded Jan 6 and it was horribly and apparently hurriedly written by inept DOJ attorneys.

Rudy Giuliani shared that the case was total BS.  It claimed that President Trump has no First Amendment rights:

“I Don’t Know How a Lawyer in Good Faith Could File This” – Rudy Giuliani Destroys BS Jack Smith Jan 6 Case (VIDEO)

Most Americans are very upset with the Biden DOJ.  We can see that this is all an effort to distract the American people from looking into the 2020 Election and the many crimes committed by those in the Deep State and in power.

Americans know what’s going on.

We learned that the case has been assigned to a horribly conflicted and corrupt Obama judge.  Most Americans know that this judge will not base her decisions on the law but rather on her hate for President Trump.

Biden’s DOJ Case Against President Trump Is Based on Lies and Ignores the US Constitution But Corrupt Obama Judge Will Indict

The Trump team of attorneys shared that they smartly want the case moved out of Washington D.C. and to West Virginia.

Donald Trump lawyer John Lauro revealed an effort to move what would be a historic trial of the former president across the Blue Ridge Mountains from Washington, D.C., following a grand jury indictment that charges Trump with lying to stay in power.

Lauro suggested moving a trial to West Virginia when questioned in a TV interview bout how trying the case in Washington, D.C. would put him in a jurisdiction that voted overwhelmingly against Trump.

‘Well, there’s others options. West Virginia is close by. There’s other areas of the country,’ Lauro told CBS ‘This Morning.’

If a corrupt Obama judge is allowed to oversee this case it will be the end of this Constitutional republic.  Americans know this is BS.

Biden and the corrupt actors around him want a World War and the destruction of the US. 

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