The US Is Suffering Under a Police State – Mark Levin (VIDEO) | Joe Hoft


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The US Is Suffering Under a Police State – Mark Levin (VIDEO)

Mark Levine is on top of it.  The Democrats hate America and always have. 

Here are some comments from Levin’s opening this week on his show on FOX.  President Trump shared this on Truth Social.

First we have to recognize that we have a growing police state in America.

They are run by the Democrats who have a very horrific history. They never really recognized our country. The Democrats are responsible for the Civil War. It was the Democrat Party against the Republican Party.

They are at it again today. They don’t like our country.

I would argue but the better guests are those who are involved in day to day combat – who can explain it. The consequences right now are dire.

What is happening to our country.

The Dems want to take over the Supreme Court and the government. They want to get rid of the electoral college.

They want to steal the country like they have elections.

They want to push the most radical agenda and destroy the country.

They want to do what is in the best interest of the party, not the country.

They are all about power.

There is no difference between the federal government and the Democrat Party.

They are attacking schools and the Catholic churches.

It’s a police state.

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