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The Trump Team Shares Their Sunday Night Memo

President Trump’s team released its Sunday night memo.

ISIS is back. Under Joe Biden, the murderous enterprise President Trump destroyed has returned and the open border means that every American is in danger.  Joe Biden’s own Border Patrol Chief went on Face the Nation to warn that our open border poses a “national security threat,” and that there are illegal immigrants that are “exploiting a vulnerability that is on our border right now.”

Instead of focusing on enforcing the law and keeping Americans safe, Democrats are abusing the law and targeting their political rival.

Taylor Budowich,
CEO, Make America Great Again Inc.

ISIS is back and could take advantage of Biden’s open border:

  • ISIS was behind the brutal massacre in Moscow that killed over 130 people. Sen. Marco Rubio remarked on ABC’s This Week: “If you think back to the end of 2020, under the Trump administration, ISIS was basically out of business… and now they’ve reconstituted themselves… They would love to do what they did in Moscow here in the United States. It’s something we have to be very vigilant about when we have a border in which 9 million people have come across in the last three years.”


  • Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens told CBS that the thousands of unknown illegal immigrants pouring across our border are “a national security threat.” Owens said, “Border security is a big piece of national security — and if we don’t know who is coming into our country, and we don’t know what their intent is, that is a threat, and they’re exploiting a vulnerability that is on our border right now.”


  • President Donald Trump demolished ISIS and will secure our border. Under Joe Biden, a record number of terrorists are entering the country.


Even Frank Luntz gets that Letitia James’ abuse of the law will backfire: 

  • Never Trumper Frank Luntz predicts that it will backfire if Letitia James moves to seize President Donald Trump’s properties. “You’re going to elect Donald Trump,” Luntz said. “He’s going to go up in the polls, just like he went up every single time they indicted him.”


  • Letitia James campaigned on targeting President Trump and her case revealed that not one lender to the Trump Organization lost money or was harmed. Real estate mogul Kevin O’Leary spoke about Letitia James’ lawfare on Fox News and noted, “The number one question I have, when I go to these countries to try and raise this capital is, ‘What the hell is going on in New York?’”


  • Meanwhile, evidence continues to come out about Joe Biden’s direct involvement with Hunter Biden’s shady business deals. On Wednesday, a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s testified that Hunter asked his father for “a little help” getting a deal with a Chinese Communist Party-linked firm “across the finish line.”

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