The Top Five Lies Fed to the American People and the World Per Dr. Simone Gold with America’s Frontline Doctors | Joe Hoft


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The Top Five Lies Fed to the American People and the World Per Dr. Simone Gold with America’s Frontline Doctors

Dr. Simone Gold at America’s Frontline Doctors shared a message where she outlined the five top lies fed to the American people and the world during COVID. 

Here is her message:

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Fauci seemed bewildered by over why the pandemic response failed. If only more people would have complied with government mandates, he theorized, there would have been fewer cases and fewer deaths.

This coming from the same guy who told us the virus likely originated from a wet market in Wuhan despite illegally leading gain-of-function research that led to the outbreak.

We knew better. No, the pandemic response failed because it was built on a tower of lies with nefarious intentions. In our most recent issue brief, we document the 5 most egregious pandemic lies:

Lie #1: The Virus was Not Engineered
Early in the “pandemic,” scientists were aware—as almost any molecular biologist would know—that this virus could not have “jumped” naturally from bats to humans. However, the government and media ignored the published science in favor of the narrative that a “spontaneous mutation” made a virus leap from bats to humans in one fell swoop.

Lie #2: Masks are Safe and Effective
The government pushed masking and claimed it prevented viral transmission. Viruses are too small to be stopped by masks. If anything, mask-wearing increases the viral load in people because the mask causes people to constantly rebreathe the virus once they are exposed to it. Thus, mask-wearing in public would be expected to make things worse, not better.

Lie #3: The “Vaccine” Prevents Transmission
The pharmaceutical companies and government public health officials knew from the very beginning that COVID-19 “vaccines” were never designed to prevent transmission of this virus. In fact, the vaccinated were found to have a higher viral load in their nose and throat than the unvaccinated. This is, of course, criminal because they mandated these pharma products for people to retain their jobs.

Lie #4: The Covid-19 Injection is Safe and Effective
These “vaccines” are not effective. They are dangerous. The increasing rates of stroke, embolism and heart attacks from vaccine-induced clots are alarming. In fact, the number of adverse events, including death, has been higher for COVID-19 “vaccines” than for all other vaccines combined over the totality of their collective history.

Lie #5: Children Need to be Vaccinated Against Covid-19
It was always a complete lie that kids needed to be “vaccinated.” Even though the COVID death rate in children is essentially zero, some places are mandating it for school. It appears the goal was to get children on the CDC’s Childhood Vaccination Schedule so Big Pharma could maintain immunity from liability.

In many ways, the damage has already been done. But we can prevent such abuses from occurring in the future if we Drain the Science Swamp. We must protect our medical freedom by opposing tyrannical forces in government that seek control, power and ill-gotten gains.

Our liberty depends on it!

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