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The STEAL Volumes I, II and III and Stealing Your Vote – Identifying Issues That Must Be Fixed

A concerned citizen provided the following analysis of the election process

I started researching Vote-By-Mail in 2020 after getting an unsolicited application for an Absent Voter Ballot, addressed to someone who couldn’t have lived here less than 15-years ago. That’s how bloated New Mexico’s voter rolls are. 2021, I reported my findings in person to a New Mexico Republican Party director and declared that unlimited No-ID Absentee Ballots were unconstitutional and recent 2018 election laws ‘legalizing’ them had to be repealed. You can’t have ballots from Column A and others from Column B that are of two distinct qualities, in-person and ‘mailed in,’ because the level of fraud possible from Column B unconstitutionally disenfranchises those in Column A.

The director explained that they didn’t have the resources and were suing for redistricting issues, which after three years they just lost in the NM Supreme Court.

I’ve been comparing your ‘trilogy’ (The Steal Volumes I, II and III) to Christiana Bobb’s recent publication (Stealing Your Vote), and every Republican congressman should have read, or have these books on their reading list over the holidays. Your description of E.R.I.C. shocked me as it coincided with restrictions of Proof of Citizenship bans codified in both the 1993 Voter Rights Act and the 2005 Help America Vote Act.

Civil rights activists claim ‘making voting easier’ is inherently constitutional, but it is tantamount to fraud when it is at the expense of the ‘qualified citizen voter’ for which no specific Civil Rights laws offer protection. So, while Stacy Abrams is suing ‘True the Vote’ in Georgia by abusing §2 of the 1993 VRA, Donald Trump et al (including John Eastman who proved Obama was not eligible to the presidency) are being charged criminally. Meanwhile, those working to stop potential fraud are denied standing.

Here is an article from the Social Science Quarterly (2014) that examines a 2008 court case supporting ID, including the argument that “[m]ost voters think that voter ID laws prevent fraud, but many voters think that ensuring access to the polls is more important than preventing fraud.”  So, criminal acts are just fine if they involve ‘getting out the vote.’

Laypeople, and a recent North Carolina case, argue about Voter ID, but ID has been sterilized, neutered, as an aid to voter validation because of sanctuary states issuing drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens, persons of unknown identity and origin getting de facto citizenship through an official state ID. New Mexico issued enough drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens to account for 10% of their electorate. Biden ‘won’ New Mexico in 2020 by 11%. There are at least four states that have enough illegal aliens getting drivers’ licenses to flip their elections, if they get on the voter rolls and their ballots harvested by fraudulent voter registration and absentee ballots.

Add to this Alexandro Mayorkas delaying again and again the 2005 Real ID Act, and the millions of illegal aliens (15 million under Biden?) are not only being issued documentation that permits access to social security benefits, but 19 states now issuing them drivers’ licenses, which delivers them to politically corrupt Secretaries of State abusing Motor Voter laws. (Jena Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, mailed voter registration cards to 31,000 illegal aliens in 2021. Nothing happened to her. More recently, she sued to block Donald Trump from the Colorado primary ballot.)

While Judicial Watch has been suing states left and right to clean up voter rolls, they compromised in settlements.

No-Excuse Absentee Ballots and Illegal Aliens getting Drivers’ Licenses in Pennsylvania, New Mexico and other states prevented the 2022 ‘Red Wave.’ Pundits like Sean Hannity blame conservative Christian Republicans and Roe v Wade being overturned. Nonsense. The No-Excuse ‘mail ballot’ fills sandbags full of votes ready to be deployed as emergency walls against any flood of Republican or conservative voters.

In New Mexico, 2020 mail ballots doubled to 40% of the vote, but all the increase went to Democrats. Their mail ballots tripled while Republicans’ mail ballots stayed the same. That difference alone flipped New Mexico from Trump to Biden, and recent changes in New Mexico law make mail ballot application lists permanent, to be automatically mailed out for each election.

Here is what the Democrats said in the Philadelphia Inquirer when backdated and invalid mail ballots were ordered to be counted, to undermine Trump’s 2:1 massacre of Biden on Election Night to Biden passing Trump by 1.2% later in the week.

Trump had mail ballots, but consistent with previous elections, about 20%. Biden’s final count had mail ballots 60% of his vote.

In conclusion, The No-Excuse Ballots violates the Equal Protection Clause and the basic right for citizens, legal members of the polity, to be assured their vote is not compromised and disenfranchised. 

Congress can investigate ad infinitum to the smallest degree of granularity, but this is the big Red Letter issue before 2024. 

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