The Same Anti-Americans That Backed BLM Are Backing the Pro-Hamas College Riots | Joe Hoft


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The Same Anti-Americans That Backed BLM Are Backing the Pro-Hamas College Riots

George Soros Riots


Black Lives Matter riots cost the US more than $1 billion in estimated damages in 2020.

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: Confirmed: Jan. 6 Protest Resulted in Estimated $1.5 Million in Damages — Or 1/1000th of Damages by Black Lives Matter-Antifa Protests in 2020

We knew early on that the BLM riots were not spontaneous events.  They were backed by various outside entities connected to George Soros.

Nazi Collaborator, Democrat Donor and Billionaire George Soros Behind (Past and) Latest Protests

According to one individual on Twitter, the same people who supported BLM riots are supporting the pro-Hamas riots at college campuses across the country.

Even Charlie Kirk points out that those indicted in Columbia overnight were outsiders (as they always are).

Some corruption never changes because the criminals are never held accountable. 

2 thoughts on “The Same Anti-Americans That Backed BLM Are Backing the Pro-Hamas College Riots”

  1. I’ve been saying this all along. When the students prove to be unemployable, they push them toward the NGO’s (fake feel good soro’s organizations). Literally grooming their own army of misfits.
    Problem is, the kids have been fed this for 12+ yrs. The white privileged American students protesting for (p)alestine have no idea what the terror organization is all about. These same students will be MeToo people soon as the DNC/WEF/CIA want to take down a male, they’ll all be out in numbers for BLM, when called to do so.
    Shut the indoctrination centers until they are flushed. Remove your children. It’s really difficult making these sheep understand they don’t have degrees, they have trophies.

  2. This is no more a Muslim riot than 2020 was a black riot. This is organized and funded by NGOs/government. The government is complicit. If it were not, these riots would be stopped instantly. Just like 2020, government intentionally allows the lawlessness.

    The public is being put into a furor over this, by the government-media complex, which wants to cause panic, and is already acting to remove our freedoms. The anti-semitic bill is an atrocity. TGP’s coverage on the Israel situation is very biased and will lead to I and others reducing or stopping reading it.

    This week Trump raised suspicions about 10/7, and also Ben Net, but TGP did not cover it, I call a foul.


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