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The Ron DeSantis 2024 Campaign Is Dead

The Ron DeSantis campaign is dead.  It is likely his political career is over.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a well known and respected politician.  Then he went after the Presidency and against President Trump.  Big mistake.

It is a terrible strategy to wait for President Trump to be indicted into oblivion by the corrupt Obama-Biden regime and step in to take over when President Trump is severely damaged by the corrupt and criminal lawfare from these goons who have taken over the judicial and justice systems.

The better strategy is to work towards cleaning up the system, not aligning with it.

Chanel Rion at OAN lays it all out.

Those who back DeSantis are in shock.

It’s over.  What a disgrace.  Had DeSantis backed President Trump he could have been VP and the next President after President Trump.

Big mistake. 




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