The Reported Source for Buzzfeed Fake News Report About Cohen Being Controlled by Trump is Clinton and Mueller Lackey! | Joe Hoft


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The Reported Source for Buzzfeed Fake News Report About Cohen Being Controlled by Trump is Clinton and Mueller Lackey!

Far Left Buzzfeed released a bogus report stating the President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen was following President Trump’s orders to lie about a unsupported story about Russia. Mueller’s team in an attempt to prevent a leak investigation into it’s operations came out 24 hours later and said the story was false. Now we know that the entire façade was provided to Buzzfeed by a Clinton and Mueller lackey.

Paul Sperry came on in a report that the individual behind the Buzzfeed fake news story lying about President Trump was none other than a deep state dirt bag related to the Clintons and Mueller and his team gang of crooks –

Sperry is right. Sater is seen in pictures with Bill Clinton – (see above). Sater has also been pictured with far left media reporters pushing the Trump – Russia collusion fairy tale –

Most shocking is Sater’s connections to the Clintons and the Mueller gang of corrupt and criminal attorneys and investigators. It was reported that Sater’s connections began in 1998 [emphasis added] –

Sater pleaded guilty to racketeering in December 1998. But instead of being sentenced, Sater, like 16 other defendants in the case, signed a cooperation agreement with the US government, and his entire case file was sealed.

Signing Sater’s cooperation agreement for the Department of Justice was Andrew Weissmann, then an assistant US attorney and now a key member of the special counsel’s team. Mueller himself would be the FBI director for most of the time Sater served as a source.

The US attorney who oversaw Sater’s pump-and-dump case was Loretta Lynch, later the attorney general under President Barack Obama. While the Senate was considering her confirmation, Sen. Orrin Hatch asked Lynch about how her office handled Sater’s fraud case. In a written response, she said:

“The defendant in question, Felix Sater, provided valuable and sensitive information to the government during the course of his cooperation, which began in or about December 1998. For more than 10 years, he worked with prosecutors providing information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra. For that reason, his case was initially sealed.”

To the government, he was no longer Felix Sater; in public he was referred to as John Doe, while in hundreds of pages of FBI interview reports, his code name was “The Quarterback.”

The entire Clinton – Mueller cabal is coming undone. The creeps are in the house but the night watchman knows they’re there.

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