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The Real Speaker Johnson Stands Up

Speaker Mike Johnson has given the communist and corrupt Biden/Obama Democrats everything they want. This is the real Mike Johnson.

When Speaker Mike Johnson was picked as Speaker he received all the RINOs votes in the House. This was a clear sign that bad news was ahead.

We are now seeing the real Mike Johnson.

Here is Sean Davis’s tweet showing Johnson’s response to why he is allowing the Deep State to continue to legally spy on innocent Americans.

All of the chaos in the House is being by caused by Mike Johnson’s abject refusal to do the one thing he explicitly said he would do: secure the U.S. before funneling hundreds of billions of dollars overseas.

Instead, he sold out his own country to give hundreds of billions more of our money to Ukraine. The question EVERYONE should be asking is why.

Was Johnson bribed? Was he blackmailed? Or is he just so weak and pathetic that he was happy to break his word, abandon his principles, and sell out his own voters in exchange for backpats from Democrats and the corrupt Washington establishment?

Here is Sean Davis’s tweet:

Here is Speaker Johnson on his rationale for sending billions of dollars to Ukraine with no mention of the Southern border.  Johnson is being praised by Biden for giving him billions to continue the war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian men being sent to their deaths mean nothing to Johnson.  It’s all to keep the Deep State activities in Ukraine from being uncovered.

Oh, and what about protecting the US border from illegals and terrorists entering the country.


Never ever trust a RINO.  Money and power mean more to them than the country and the American people. 

4 thoughts on “The Real Speaker Johnson Stands Up”

  1. Johnson is a big government hack that was probably a beneficiary of a rigged election like most are who make it to DC. The state parties are run by people who filter out candidates that do not espouse their beliefs and support their hidden platform of control, collectivism and centralization. People’s choices never make it to lawmaker or law enforcer offices in states or in DC.

    These people want no unvetted “street people” in a lawmaking position. The only problem is that their disdain for Citizens whom they slander as rubes during the pre-selection process, eliminates candidates the people really want, and all the choices that make it to the ballot are bought and paid for.

    Johnson is another sElectee that made it to DC by hiding under the cover of Christianity, and now his devotion is to the political machine that actually causes wars and wastes taxpayer dollars. The border proves these people couldn’t care less about Citizens that pay ALL the bills.

    • We need not to always go by what we hear from the press as maybe they do not know the whole story… Joe Hoft needs to have a one on one with Mike Johnson… The real reason they are trying to get rid of Mike Johnson is because he stands strongly for Israel and they hate Israel!

  2. Yep and meanwhile lets hear a comment from the “we cant split the vote” idiot GOP fanboys regarding this huge victory……(cue the crickets). MAGA PARTY NOW!


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